As above So below: Earth and Galactic humans
Other references:
- The Akan, sections 7.3 and 7.4

The basic idea here is that our current Earth incarnational game reflects aspects of the galactic game. This article may be of interest to those who like to know about galactic history and politics and how it relates to planet Earth.

Europe is usually referred to as ‘old Europe’. In the wider galactic context the various European groups represent human groups all over the galaxy who have come together to form what is today known as ‘the galactic federation’. They are the remnants of the humans from Lyran planets. The table below gives some idea of where some of the Lyran refugees come from who have influenced the Europeans:

Lyran remnant group          European counterpart       
Antares                              Greece, Portugal, Spain, Turkey       
Aldebaran                          Germany, Holland, Scandinavian       
Arcturian                            Italian Peninsula       
Sirians (Martians)               Britain, Germany, Greece, Italy, Portugal; (Sumerian/Phoenician movements)
Tau Ceti                             Russia, Eastern Europe, Serbia, the Slavs    
Pleiades                              Russia, Germany, France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Scandinavia
Centauri                             Scandinavia, Ireland, England, Scotland, Eastern Europe, Turkey
Andromeda                        Turkey, Finland, Estonia, Hungary 

As above, so below. Today the European Union is mimicking ‘The Galactic Federation’.

These Lyran humans sometimes met indigenous humans where they went and mixed with them to form type 2 cultures (see below).

There is evidence that Europe represents the Lyran humans. The double-headed bird is a common symbol on the shields of prominent European royalty (the Hapsburgs are one example). This is a Lyran symbol. Those who are familiar with Val Valerian’s book MatrixII can look up the double-headed bird. The Hapsburgs are not alone in the use of this bird.

We can say that Americans, Australians and Canadians represent the Lyran (Jehovan/Dolphin people) human refugees who are not part of ‘The Galactic Federation’ but have formed worlds of their own in places like the Pleiades, Alpha and Beta Centauri and elsewhere. These humans are strong enough to ‘hold their own’ against the Reptilians.

*It should be noted that ethnically these countries (together with New Zealand and South African Whites) are really of European ancestry and hence will have the Lyran affiliations shown above, but we are also talking politically, which is why it may seem confusing. All Whites of European ancestry on this planet have links with the Lyran human current.

As above, so below. Today the American military (and their frequent special forces collaborative missions with the Australians, British and Canadians) (politically) are mimicking ‘The Pleiadians’ and their ‘Centaurean’ allies (Lyran refugees in the Centaurian system). Also the 'Pleiadian Star League' claim to have bases ‘all over the galaxy’.

But wait! You may be thinking about Bush. Surely he’s not all love and light like the Pleiadians. Also look at what America has done in the world. How can one compare the US to ‘The Pleiadians and The Centaurians’?

First of all, not all the ‘Pleiadians’ are ‘good’ and full of love and light. Those that were originally sent into this sector of the galaxy were aggressive warrior-types sent here to battle the reptilians. 

Second because America, Canada and Australia are linked to the British Crown in one way or another, that should ring some bells. The Rebel Reptilian Queen has her representative in London, at Buckingham palace. Yeah. But here is the kicker. The true Rebel Reptilian Queen has influence in this sector of the galaxy and has been teaming up with and influencing some of the Pleiadian and Centaurian groups locally as well as some of the Sirian-Reptilians. Many of the wars which have occurred in this sector of the galaxy that have involved the Reptilians is due to the fact that the Rebel queen is active here and the Orion bigwigs don’t like that. Her presence here is in part what led to the downfall of Tiamat when a Sirian king (Zu/Zeus, a Sirian-Reptilian king who was also related to the Pleiadians!) teamed up with her and got his ass kicked.

So the freemasonic current is strongly influenced by the Pleiadian and Centaurian ‘renegades’ with covert support from certain Sirian-Reptilian (Enki/Snake brotherhoods) and Rebel Reptilian factions. This is the story of the rebel faction. So it’s not just Pleiadian and Centaurian influence in America, Canada and Australia. It is that with a lot more Sirian and Reptilian influences in the background. But the local influences are really centered around the Centaurian systems since Alpha and Beta Centauri are relatively close, while the Pleiades is far away.

For instance it is said that the Atlantian leaders/illuminati (human-alien hybrids), once the convulsions began, were sent to a planet in the Centaurian system. Yeah, they had somewhere to go to while the local people drowned.

Also among the Centaurians you have dissident factions controlled by the Sirian-Reptilians, so the Reptilian presence there is also seen in the Reptilian presence in America.

In saying that America-Australia-Canada has the Pleiadian-Centaurian flair, we really mean the leadership of these countries. The white people in these countries are really of the Lyran group since they derive from Europe.

For the political group that acts like the true 'Pleiadian Star League', one could say that Russia comes pretty close to that model and in fact one could say that the USSR was very much like the 'Pleiadian Star League' as well as like the Tau Ceti group who are related to the Russian (Slav) people and whose ET delegations have been in contact with the Russians..

Type 1 and Type 2 human groups
Dark (brown or black) skin and dark haired humans from various star systems fall into two groups:
1)    Those who are completely indigenous and live simple lifestyles devoid of technology and who are highly spiritual often with phenomenal psychic abilities not aided by technology. These humans often act as planetary guardians and are at one end of the spectrum.

The most extreme type1 cultures on Earth today since the time of the Ancient Earth humans are the hunter-gatherers. The spirituality of the type1 human is shamanism.

2)    Those who come into contact with the Lyran humans through colonization and a subsequent mixture of cultures and ideas. This sometimes leads to intermarriages and the subsequent dilution of both groups. This represents another end of the spectrum. Some examples of type 2 human spirituality are buddhism, hinduism/yoga, sufism and taoism.

The Western European drive for colonization also occurs on a galactic level with the Lyran humans going from star system to star system. Sometimes the Lyran humans meet type 1 cultures which could lead to colonization. Sometimes the Lyran humans work with already colonized type 2 cultures to work as a go-between with the type 1 culture. Sometimes the featuring type 1 culture has already been compromised by the reptilians or another group.

The reptilians and other non-human species do a similar thing when they come into contact with any human groups they are stronger than and can subjugate.

The Chinese, Japanese and Koreans represent a mixture between Lyran humans and dark skinned, dark haired humans (type 1) to form a type 2 culture (off world). The dark skinned, dark haired humans making up the Chinese ethnicity are those who were originally from the Vega star system. This happened in the ancient Lyran system and actually produced an Earth-type world where some souls found liberation from the incarnational game. That ancient world also had reptilian mixes from the Draconians of the Draconis system, which is why the Dragon is so important in imperial China.

The Aboriginal people of China, Taiwan and Korea (as examples) today are a reflection of the original type1 cultures that existed in Vega before colonization.
* Japanese Ainu are type 1

The bulk of the yellow race (white plus brown) from the Lyra/Vega worlds can be found in the Andromeda star system and elsewhere in parts of the Centauri star systems, in Orion (Orion humans) and also in parts of Sirius and the Pleiades. This is the ancient ‘EuroAsian’ group, probably the first type 2 mixture of this galaxy. In this solar system they settled on Maldek/Tiamat, once that was destroyed they were moved first to Mars, then to Earth (Near East) then to the Gobi desert region. The current Chinese culture shows a mixture of influences from this EuroAsian group (type 2) and the Aboriginal Asians who are remnants of Lemuria (type1). Due to the later Rigelian mix, the Chinese-Japanese-Koreans influences also point to Orion.

As above, so below. Today the Chinese military might and the (soon to be union of Asian countries) will represent ‘The Andromedan Council’. They sometimes work with the Centaurian type 2s (Indians from India, Pakistan and all the other –stans. Not the America-Australia-Canada whites, who are Lyran/dolphin people). More on Centaurian type 2s below.

The Andromedan Council type 2s have both Lyran/dolphin and Reptilian (Orion/Draco) connections mixed into their originally human makeup, which makes their situation a very interesting one.

Various other South East Asian cultures reflect type 2 cultures that sprang out of type 1 off-world. As a result of this you see both types 1 and 2 influences all over South East Asia. Here we can consider the cultures of Burma, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam as examples. 

Some of the type 1 cultures in this region are of the Tibeto-Burmese group in Myanmar, Tibet, Northern Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Northern Nepal, North-East Bangladesh, Bhutan, Sikkim, Assam, Nagaland, Ladakh etc.

This all makes sense when looked at from the point of view of pre-modern Earth cultures, i.e. before technology and globalization made everyone look similar.

What about Tibet? Where do they fit in the scheme of things? The Tibetan people are strongly type 2 mixed with type 1. Their leaders are type 2 who were influenced by type 2s from the Andromedan and Centaurian groups. How convenient then, that Tibet (the country) should fall right between India and China! Also I would add that this is why you find strains of Shamanism (Bon – type 1 basic, with some type 2 influences from Buddhism (Centaurian) and Taoism (Andromedan)), Buddhism (spiritual system of the Centaurian type 2 people) and even Taoism (itself a mixture of Andromedan type 2 and type 1 (shamanic) influences). It is also why Tibet is the meeting place of those ‘Ascended Masters’ (type 2 Andromedan and Centaurian humans whose souls “didn’t make it” out of the game during previous opportunities to leave and who are now here to influence the current type 1, type 2 and Lyran-human alike!

The 'Orion Black League' are the leaders of these 'Ascended Masters'. These are type 2 humans who settled in the Orion system and were victimized by the reptilians. They formed a rebel group in order to fight back. Before they went to Orion they were originally from the Lyra/Vega system. Some of the Orion Black League members escaped from Orion to Tiamat, then to Earth (Gobi Desert). They are every bit like the Jedi, and some of their 'former members' or opponents are likewise similar to the Sith. Everything you've seen about the Jedi from those movies is true. The only difference is that the real thing is even more extreme than what is shown the Jedi and the Sith can do in the movies. The Orion Black League are members of the True Jedi, fighters against the Reptilians. They are often dark haired, dark skinned humans very much like the Chinese, Indians and Tibetans. They have influenced Indian and Tibetan buddhism (Vajrayana) and certain forms of Chinese Taoism. They are also active on the Andromedan and Centaurian councils. They have also influenced certain Pleiadian groups.

India-Pakistan-Bangladesh & ‘The –Stans’ (Afghanistan, Uzbekistan etc)
Another major Asian group is that of India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Here we also see type2 mixed with type1 (both off-world). In India, the basic rule of thumb is, the more north you go, the more type 2 (predominant) you get. There are however spread all over the subcontinent various type1 human cultures and in some cases there are some strongly type1 cultures (hunter-gatherers). In Sri Lanka, the Veddas are known as the "forest people" and are among the indigenous hunter-gatherers. Likewise in India the Adivasi are only one group of indigenous humans among many.

The interesting thing about India is that three different type 2 cultures clashed to make up the country. The first and oldest type 2 culture was that of the Dravidians who were originally type 1 human beings mixed with reptilian. Then you have the Pleiadian-Centaurian type 2 influence who came in from the north and teamed up with the Sumerian type 2 who came in from the West. The Pleiadian-Centaurians became the Brahmins or the priest caste at the top of the caste system, the Sumerians (the Sirian-Reptilian warrior types) became the Kyatriyas or the Warrior caste. The Dravidians adopted the Priest and Warrior caste systems while their slaves became the untouchables.

As above, so below. Today the Indians and Pakistanis represent the Warring Centaurean factions and their Sirian-Reptilian backers (depending on the faction). They are the same people though, a type 2 culture.

The –Stans
Today one finds some very fascinating cultures in Afghanistan, Dagestan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. It may interest those who might not know, that the Indians of India call their country Hindustan. The '-stans' are a bit like the 'Eastern Europe' of Asia. You don't hear so much of them (except perhaps from time to time from people like Borat) but they are well represented on the planet. Like some of the people in Eastern Europe, many countries in this region were overshadowed by the USSR for many years, until recently.

These groups are typically type1 humans from the Centaurian systems who have been influenced by their Centaurian and Sirian-Reptilian leaders. It depends on the country. The type1 Kyrgyz people for instance are of the bird race. They have traditionally done their hunting with the golden eagle.

Some of the type1 humans from the Lyra/Vega system were also settled in parts of the Centaurian systems. These type1 people have been influenced by type 2 Sirians, Pleiadians and Andromedans, but especially the Sirians. This is why Islam is strong in certain –stan countries.

We should also include the Northern and Southern Caucasians (people of the Caucus region) such as the Avars, Adyghe, Laz and Nakh peoples who live in the mountains.
Also the battle for Afghanistan is battle between Centaurian groups. As I mentioned before, various Centaurian factions are supported by different Sirian-Reptilian factions. The US freemasons have a heavy Centaurian influence which dates back to Atlantis and they’ve chosen a Centaurian region and culture (Afghanistan) to do their battle. As above so below. How sad, I wonder how many humans on Centaurian planets have been caught up in the battles between these warring factions.

US president-elect Barack Obama plans to withdraw US troops out of Iraq (Sirian-Reptilian battleground) but to focus the American war in Afghanistan (Centaurian freemasonic front)

The Middle East
In the Middle East there is not that much representation of type 1 (except among the Berber and some indigenous ‘Sirian’ groups that lead a pretty indigenous lifestyle) but there are some ‘lower type 2s’ all the way to ‘high type2’ -- those type 1 people who mixed with the Lyran/dolphin humans.

The Arab people are a mixture of type2 culture mixed with the dolphin/Lyran people and some Reptilian.
The Jews are a mixture of type1 and type 2 (both off world) with Lyran and Reptilian
The Persians are a mixture of a type 1 culture (off world) mixed with the Lyrans and some Reptilian

The Turkish are a mixture of a type 1 culture (off world) with the Lyran group. However with the Turkish there is a wide range. Turkey can be considered as one of the -stans and hence has some of the Centaurian stuff mixed with Celtic mixed with Sumerian (Sirian) mixed with the White/Lyran. West Turkey is more European while East Turkey is more Asian. Turkey is often called the link between Europe and Asia for good reason.

As above, so below. Today the Arabs, Jews, Persians and Turkish represent various Sirian factions. 

*The word Phoenician is based on the Phoenix which is a bird associated with the Reptilian (Draco) and the Lyran humans they influenced who settled in Sumeria when they arrived from Mars.

'Indigenous' Europe
The Greeks, Romans and Mediterranean islanders, and all those influenced by the Celtic current (Portugal, France, British Isles, Germany, Ireland, Scandinavia) are a mixture of type1 cultures with various Lyran human groups. Much of Europe is however not classified as type 2 but rather as the stronghold of the Lyran current. The Slavic countries have a really strong representation of the Lyran. This includes Russia and neighbouring areas as well.

*The Antareans who influenced the Greeks (and later the Portuguese and Spanish) are actually a type 2 culture (offworld). When the Lyran humans arrived in Antares they found some indigenous human groups there and there was some mixing, which created the current 'Antareans'.

In Eastern Europe, there is a strong type 1 current mixed with type 2 in some places (such as Bosnia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Estonia) mixed with the Lyran and a fair amount of Reptilian, depending on where you are. For instance in parts of Hungary, Austria, Romania, Germany there is a strong Reptilian presence).

Eastern Europe is very much ‘ethnic Europe’. In western Europe the countries that did not go around colonizing, in particular the Scandinavian group (I thought it was out of choice but have since learned that they were simply not as successful as their European peers) have more homogenous societies.

The type 1 and type 2 humans who influenced Europe are the Celts (type 1/type 2 Earth) and from the Antarean systems (type 2 offworld)

Africans, Native Indians, Oceanians and Malayo-Polynesians
Sub-saharan Africa and much of North and South America is strongly type 1 represented (that is, before the modern era.) In spite of this there were places in the Americas (such as the Aztecs and Incas) and in Africa (such as the Ethiopian-Eritrean (type 2 Sirians, off world) and the Egyptians/Nubians (type 1 Earth mixed with type 2 Sirian)) who being influenced by the Sirian-Reptilians show type 2 cultures. Perhaps in the next Earth-like world there will be a stronger representation of Africans and Indians of this round in the type 2 groups of that round while new native humans takes on the reins of type 1.

Yet it is in Africa (and in Australia) that you find some strong examples of the hunter-gatherer type 1 people (San people), as well as in parts of Asia such as Sumatra (Andaman and Nicobar) and also in the Amazon. The Amazon and Papua New Guinea have the highest number of hunter-gatherer groups, some of which have not been contacted yet. Brazilian hunter-gatherers such as the kayapo (who were featured in the documentary Baraka coloured in red and blue) exist only in small groups. There are also the Yanomani of Brazil and Venezuela. In Ecuador there are the Huaorani. In spite of Brazil's high numbers of HG groups, these Indians only make up less than 1% of the country's population.

South America was originally mostly type 1 before the Europeans arrived to turn it into a predominantly type 2 region. Today only Bolivia has a sizable amount of the original Indian population making up their country, with Peru also having a good amount (along with a whole lot of Europeans and even Japanese). In central America, Guatemala probably has the highest indigenous percentage in that region, with Costa Rica probably having the least.

The humans from the Procyon star system who influenced Native Indians in South, Central and North America come from a system where Lyran humans who settled mixed with the Native Indian humans of Procyon to come up with the Procyons of today. This created a type 2 culture, very similar to what exists in many countries in South America.

The Malayo-Polynesians are those like the Batak, the Minangkabau, the Madagascans and the Dayaks of Borneo as examples. They are found between Madagascar and Indonesia and include Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi and several islands in that region. Oceania on the other hand has Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia. Melanesians are like the Blacks of the Pacific, where you find countries like Papua and Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Fiji, etc. Micronesia has some really small countries like Kiribati. This entire region has a ton of type 1 cultural groups. There are also the 'Negrito' people who are among the indigenous people of South East Asia.

The Polynesian islands are wholly type 1 originally. Today Hawaii is not so much type 1 any more but gives us an idea of how a type 2 culture gets created. The truly indigenous Hawaiian people number perhaps less than 10,000. To be fair the Hawaiians were not really into big populations to begin with. For proper type 1 Polynesian you’d probably have to go to Samoa or Tahiti or yet, some of the more removed Polynesian islands. The Australian Aborigines and the Maori are in a similar situation. Papua New Guinea is however a country in its own right.

 The Inuit/Siberian/Tungustic/Uralic-Altaic
There are a whole bunch of type1 cultures in the northern parts of the planet stretching from Alaska/Canada, through Greenland, Scandinavia, Russia-China and back to North America. These are also human groups who have their own cultures that reflects a strong shamanic leaning. The Eagle and the Crow/Raven are important birds to these people (Alaskan Tlingit, Evenks, Saami, Siberian, Mongolian, Oroqen, Buryat, Samoyedic peoples etc). These are connected to human groups from Lyra/Vega, Altair/Aquila, Hyades and the Pleiades as well as some of those from the Andromedan and Centaurian groups.

Alien colonization of indigenous planets
As above, so below. It has already been mentioned that America, Australia and Canada mimic Pleiadian-Centaurian-Reptilian influences/politics. The interesting fact is that since the Pleiadians came to this planet and neighbouring regions they colonized the Centauri system which had indigenous humans (beings like the Ancient Earthers) on those worlds. Today it’s possible those humans live in ‘reservations’ on the planets of those worlds, just as you find in America, Australia and Canada. Fascinating! This is another way type 2 cultures form over time.

Also the American secret government has colonized planets in the Altair system, which also has indigenous humans. They are copying their alien masters. It could be that some of those indigenous humans could end up on the next Earth-like world.

* It is also entirely possible that in places in this galaxy there are indigenous human groups that started off as type 1 and developed unique cultures incorporating their spiritual culture with a more technological aspect, without the influence or interference of other sentient groups. Such type 1 cultures will have 'spiritual technology' to protect themselves from interference but will still live lives that place them in close proximity with nature and have a culture that very much reflects type 1. For those who have watched Stargete SG1, I have in mind groups such as the Nox.

Dark and Light polarity poles
In the wider galactic game the Lyran-humans (Euro stock) represent one polarity pole, which is the light side polarity. Since the purpose of this human group is to represent this polarity, the galactic humans in this group have the tendency to continue playing the game rather than leaving the game.

The more aggressive reptilians represent the other polarity pole, the dark side.

Although there are younger races that represent the dark side as well (such as the Sirian wolfish beings) and there are as well new human groups who represent the light side (such as human groups that are based on horse/unicorn and deer and not dolphin) the dolphin and reptilian beings are the older ones who were used to set up the galactic game.

Perhaps a time may come in this galactic game when one group may become used up or become the minority in its pole orientation. Perhaps one day the dolphin group may only be spoken of in legend, their race would have moved on and another group will be the main herald of the light side polarity pole but for now the dolphin group are managing that side of the game.

The indigenous humans in their unspoiled form (pure type 1) will always represent the balance expression of light and dark. Of course these humans can mix with beings from the light pole or the dark pole to form type 2 cultures of various kinds.

Most importantly
The Higher Self incarnating on planet Earth has the whole range of cultures from hunter-gatherer to sophisticated societies in Eastern and Western countries and time periods from Atlantean, pre-modern and modern cultures.This entire set of possibilities reflects the human situation around the galaxy without having to leave the planet. Indigenous humans as well as colonizers from various star systems are all represented here, all one needs to do is look at each Earth group to see the reflection in the galaxy. As above, so below. The Higher Self can thus experience whatever time and cultural combination that Higher Self chooses.