Akan and Native American groups and the Sumerian (Sirian) language

It has been shown in The Akan book and as well in the extras on this
website some of the links between the Akan language and the
Sumerian/Akkadian languages. Robert Morning Sky has also done a similar
comparison for words in the Hopi language and their parallels in Sumerian.
The article can be found in the section of the website featuring RMS's
works. The article is entitled Parallels between the Hopi and the Sumerian

Certain Native American groups such as the Hopi, Apache and Navaho (Dine)
originated from the human experiments carried out by Enki and his bunch of
Sirian-Reptilian allies. This is why there are language similarities
between Hopi and Sumerian. Also in RMS's book The Star Warrior Papers,
Bek-Ti, the Pleiadian ET describes at length (page 101) how each of the
three Native American groups just mentioned (as well as those of the Sioux
group of languages) were related to Enki in one way or another.

Another Native American group belonging to the Siouan group of languages is
the Crow. The Crow and the Akan have some inheritance and totemic
similarities as well as an almost identical religious philosophy as far as
the Supreme being is concerned.