The Sumerian city Eridu and the Akan root word -du
Other references:
Akan book sections 5.2, 6.2, 7.4

Eridu is the city that was first settled when the Sirian terraformers under
Enki returned to the solar system to fix planet Earth after it was ravaged
in the Sirian rival faction wars. In the Sumerian language, Eridu means
"mighty place". In the Akan language, the root "-du" means "heavy", as in,
very heavy and mighty. In another context, it is also the number ten (10).

Also in the Akan language, the phrase "eyedu" means "it is heavy" or "it is
mighty". This is one of interesting facets of the Akan language in relation
to the Sirian connection that was left out from the original Akan document.