Comments on Yellowtail's words about Crow Prayer
Other references:
Native American Prayer to Abcadadea

I read Yellowtail’s words after I had written the original Akan book. Abcadadea, the ‘Maker of All Things’ has for me the same feel as the Chinese Creator P’An Ku, who was mentioned in the first article on this website.

In order to understand what Yellowtail means when he talks about Prayer, it may be necessary to put away the religious connotation for a second. Prayer, the spiritual (and not the religious) kind can be a form of communication with nature. It is one application of the second law of the universe.

The Ancient Earth humans communicated with nature this way. Credo Mutwa in the interview talks about how ancient man, when he was hungry, only had to send out a thought. The animals will receive the thought and choose from among them one (or a few that will die). Even today some of the Australian Aboriginal people who still live the hunter-gatherer lifestyle get their needs by sending out intent at the beginning of the day. Their needs manifest themselves to them as the day goes by. To read fascinating accounts of Australian Aborigines doing this, see the book Mutant Message Down Under. Thanks to my friend PS for this book!

So prayer here is not of the religious kind, it is a form of communication with nature. It may be a path that attracts some and can be a great way to interact with nature, especially if you are already working with connecting with your Higher Self. The shaman and especially the seer, have certain aspects of this ability. This is one aspect of spirituality that can become highly individualized.

When I was reading Yellowtail, he reminded me very much of Credo Mutwa, old and Wise. Yellowtail is however no longer alive.