Akan male chieftains and the pyramid breastplate
February 2010

Here is a curious fact - one of the significant pieces of regalia which adorn Akan chiefs from all the Akan groups (Akwamu, Akwapim, Akyem, Asante, Denkyira, Fante, Kwahu etc) is the gold pyramid breastplate. As one can read about in the articles "Mathematics embedded in Akan weaving patterns", the triangle and the pyramid are important symbols in Akan art.

Below I show three photos of Akan chieftains from different Akan groups who wear this pyramid breastplate. In the second photo, the pyramid is actually a step-tetrahedron. The pyramid is an archetypical symbol representing the fire element. It is an important symbol used by the beings from the Sirius star system. It can be used in the physical world as well as in energetic/non-physical contexts..

In Akan "Adinkra" symbology, the pyramid is known by its Akan name, "sumpie". In 2 dimensions, it is represented with triangular numbers which make up a triangle. In 3-dimensions, it is reprensented as a step pyramid.

The pyramids shown in the photos are all made of gold.

Akan chiefs wearing pyramid breastplates
(Source: Images obtained from the internet)