The Akan Gye Nyame symbol and the Egyptian Djed of Ptah

February 2011

It is in the next to last section of the final chapter that (in my opinion) the author of the book Revelation: Movement of the Akan from Kanaan to Ghana actually comes close to touching the Sirius tradition as it relates to Afrikans and to extraterrestrials. In the Akan Book I go straight to the matter, which is that the Akan, and other African people are related to extraterrestrials from the Sirius star system who held sway in Egypt, Mesopotamia and elsewhere on the planet, and much earlier on, in Lemuria and later, in Atlantis. These same beings (a group of them, actually) were called "the Annunaki" whose genetic scientists were at one time responsible for genetically engineering the black race of today.

What I had not considered in the past and what Akanba (author of the book Revelation: Movement of the Akan from Kanaan to Ghana) wrote about on page 482 of his book, is that the Gye Nyame symbol, the one on the cover of The Akan Book (and also of Akanba's book) is in fact related to the Egyptian Djed (i.e. Gye/Dje/Djed) towers of Ancient Egyptian times! Now in the Akan book I point out that the Akan god/ancestor Nyame is the same being as Enki of Mesopotamian times and Ptah of Egyptian times of which Asar/Osiris is related. I also show that the Akan are descendants of Nyame. We know from Egyptian accounts that the Djed was used by Ptah. The Egyptian Djed towers were also referred to as "Osiris' backbone" (probably a hidden reference to electromagnetism, kundalini?) and the Gye Nyame symbol actually does look like a spinal column, from one perspective. Robert Morning Sky further asserts in his book "LA Transcript" (pages 156-157) that these Djed towers were used to erect an electromagnetic fence over the planet to prevent the Avian guardian beings (representatives of the Supreme Creative forces) from sending electromagnetic signals into the planetary grid to raise awareness on this planet. Basically these djed towers were used to enforce planetary energetic quarantine.

I have to admit that the realization of the significance of Gye Nyame being related to the Djed of Ptah did blow me away. I never thought of it before early 2011. The 'Gye Nyame' is the same as the 'Djed of Ptah', who is also the same as Nyame of the Akan people.

In another context, the Gye Nyame symbol has also been compared with a spiral galaxy.


Gye Nyame Symbol and NGC1300

(Composite photo idea was obtained from here)