Akan linguist staff and Ptah's Djed
February 2010

Ptah, the Egyptian deity was referred to as "the Noble Djed" because of the staff he carried around. According to Robert Morning Sky's "LA Transcript" book, these djed were towers used to erect the energetic 'quarantine' field around the planet. They were control towers of some kind, through which frequency pulses could be sent through.

As far as the Akan are concerned, I think Akan linguists hold the "linguist staff" known as "poma" because in the far past those linguists who translated the words of the Neteru (gods/deities/ET personalities) Ptah had a staff as a holder of office. The reason why you find Akan linguists carrying their staffs is because this follows after Ptah and his use of the 'staff', which was a Djed.

As I have said in the introduction of The Akan book, it is through an examination of the culture, language and symbols of the Akan that we can decode the Sirius connection as it relates to these people. 

The Akan Okyeame (linguist) carries a staff/scepter called 'poma', which modelled after the Egyptian Djed staff carried by Ptah.

Interestingly, not only Akan carry the staff. The tradition is also found among the Ga and the Ewe of Ghana. Elsewhere in Africa, this staff is carried by other holders of office. All the way down south, among the Zulu, you find Credo Mutwa carrying a staff/scepter with a bird on top of it. This is symbolic, it means that his initiation stream has links with the Enki/Ptah faction.

On Credo Mutwa's regalia you also find an Egyptian ankh. Coincidence? No chance. Every item of that regalia is symbolic. You also find the symbol of the moon, which is the lunar initiate stream of Lemuria (as opposed to the solar initiates of Atlantis). Finally, the blue cloth he wears covering his shoulders is the same color worn by Lemurian initiates. In fact there are African medicine men in East Africa who also carry this blue cloth. Blue is the colour of the Sirian Blue race.

The staff really is a scepter. The scepter is a Sirian symbol.


( examples of Akan Linguist staffs compared with Egyptian Ptah's djed)


Vasamazulu Credo Mutwa
("Baba" Vasamazulu Credo Mutwa)

(Lemurian initiate)