The Akan Book has now been completed. As of August 25, 2011, exactly 3 years since the book was first published and made available in its final format, I have now edited the book to remove the final bits of typos and errors. I have also added an index. So after 3 years and 111 pages (if the index is included) I can now say that the Akan book has reached its final form. 

For those who printed the book before its present edited form, all you may have to do is to print the index since the page numbers remain unchanged.

It is possible that the Akan project has come to its end as a result of the completion of the book. I do not yet know this. Often it is through impulses from my Inner Being that I write articles so only time will tell whether any further articles will be published or not. It is however possible that there will be more articles in future.

The Akan Book and Website have now been read by many people around the globe. I am thankful to all who have sent emails and comments about this work.

I would also like to point out that it has come to my attention that there are those who are selling the Akan Book online for various amounts (some as much as $1 and others as much as $12 or even more). Let me point out that I have NOT given anyone any authorization to sell this book. All those doing so are doing it of their own accord.

There are also those who post parts of the book online without acknowledging the origin of the material. I want such people to know that I am aware of some of these actions. To date, I have only given one individual permission to translate aspects of  The Akan Book and Website into a foreign language. Anyone else who wishes to do this in the proper way must first seek permission. There will always be those who try to taint and twist materials released by others.

The Akan Book and Website project is dedicated to all spiritually oriented individuals who are interested in this kind of information. It is my hope that this modest effort has helped in some way to engage if not expand aspects of your outlook. If this happens for even one person then the project has been successful. Thank you.

August, 2011