22,000 year old "Sumerian" culture in Ukraine
February 2010

In another very interesting article sent to me by my friend E, there appears to be a record of Sumerian letters in cave drawings of a culture over 20,000 years old. This sounds to me like Sirian-Reptilian (Annunaki) influence (see Akan book section 7.4, where I talk about cultures being re-settled during the 'genetic upgrade' stage of the Earth human race creation project)

Interestingly, the Swastika-looking symbol shown in the article (click on the link below) is a symbol that has appeared in many Earth cultures, including the Indian-Tibetan region, some Native Indian cultures (Navajo for sure) and it is actually one of the Adinkra symbols of the Akan people.

Adolf Hitler took this symbol (Swastika) and turned it around. This is a known (darkside) occult technique. 

Article: Arrata Civilization of Ukraine dating to 22,000 BC