Avian-Reptilian Symbolism in Akan and other African Art and Spirituality
January 30, 2010

I have pointed out in The Akan book (section 5, section 7.4) that there are both avian (Pleiadian-Sirian) and reptilian (Sirian-Reptilian) influences in Akan DNA make-up. This trend is not limited to only the Akan. Malidoma Some's Dagaara people also use bird and reptile imagery in their art. In his book Ritual: power, healing and  community, there are two imagines that continuously show up at the top of each page (one per page) are those of a bird one one and a lizard/reptile on the alternating page.

Bird and Reptile         
In fact, all African people seem to have reptilian imagery of one form or another. These come in the form of snakes, crocodiles and sometimes as lizards and turtles. Some of these creatures are sacred to certain African ethnic groups and so their energies and influences are accessed on a group level, through ritual. In Akan Adinkra symbology, there are glyphs of not only birds but of crocodiles and sometimes of snakes. There is also a glyph of a bird eating a snake, which is one that is also common with some groups from the Yucatan. The name of this glyph translates to "bird and snake".

For the advanced, spiritually-oriented Afri-kan who practices meditation and other spiritual techniques that involve the exploration of consciousness, it is possible to curtail or to remove certain reptilian influences from your make-up, if you choose to do so. These influences are a result of genetic engineering done by the Sirian-Reptilians and their Orion Reptilian allies. Others may choose to keep these reptilian aspects or may even choose to explore them, it is all up to the individual and what they need to individually experience on their path.

Cleansing procedure to remove Reptilian holographic imprints

Disclaimer: This technique is presented for 'personal research purposes only'. Please be aware that you are fully responsible for own physical-energetic, astral and mental vehicles of experience.

One way to energetically/holographically contain or remove reptilian influences from one's being is to use visualization to surround the image(s) that may appear in perception or in dreams with an impregnable sac and then with your imagination, pull this sac from within and then forcefully blow it out of your mouth. As you blow it out, imagine that a small vortex opens up in perception. Toss the sac into the vortex with the intention of having its contents reduced to pure energy. Imagine the vortex closing in order to complete the process. This method can be used again and again whenever it is needed, however one has to have the ability to visualize strongly, to hold the visualized image in mind and to manipulate it adeptly. It takes effort and skill, yet developing one's visualization abilities can be useful for other purposes.

One also finds avian and reptile imagery with other African groups, even as far south as the Zulu. Those who are aware of Malidoma some's writings will realize that his tribe's spirituality, that which is practiced by the entire group (rather than by certain individuals) is not of a darkside nature. On the other hand, there are certain African spiritual practices that are of a darker nature, and some of these sometimes employ strong reptilian imagery. I think individuals and groups who practice these darker aspects of African spirituality are being influenced by the Sirian-Orion-reptilian aspects of their dna and energetic make-up. This also likely causes these individuals to attract certain nature spirits of like vibration.

In my opinion it is absolutely fine for an individual to practice whichever desired spiritual practice or discipline, however what I have written here is an attempt to provide some ideas for those wanting to make use of the 'original dna imprint' of the ancient, pre-Orion-Sirian human, in their spiritual practices. However, be sure you know what you are doing before you go tampering with the internal arrangement of your physical-energetic unit.

Afenanta Denkyem Sankofa