Avian-Reptilian Symbol - The Medical Caduceus & the Ptah-Thoth group
April 2010

The caduceus is not used by the medical establishment without reason. If you look at one of the drawings below you will see a drawing with two serpents, one blue and the other red, with the staff in the middle coloured in gold. There are a number of ways one can look at what the caduceus represents. One way is to draw an analogy with the current human 2-strand dna. Another way is to compare the caduceus to the energetic channels connecting the base chakra and all intermediate chakras to the crown chakra. Of the two colours, blue could represent one energy polarity while red could represent another energy polarity. The golden column in the middle represents the balance between the two polarities.

The reptilian genetic scientists of Enki's camp have the cadeusus as their symbol. This, fundamentally, is its connection with modern day medicine. The medical establishment has chosen to adopt this reptilian symbol. The World Health Organization has also adopted this symbol. Does this symbol really depict 'health'? Perhaps in some cases but not in all cases. The cadeusus is for instance not the symbol used by homeopathic and other alternative forms of medicine, which are looked down upon by the allopathic medical establishment (but that another matter, and a big one too).

I find it interesting that the two serpents encircle a staff governed by the wings of a bird. This is pure Avian-Reptilian symbolism, and this connects with the avian-reptile heritage of the faction of Sirian-reptilians who were involved with the genetic engineering of humans to use for their purposes. The Ptah-Horus-Thoth faction is the same as the Enki faction.

Caduceus with red and blue serpents
(Image from the documentary Legend of Atlantis)

Medical Caduceus
(Caduceus; Photo Credit: internet)

Flag of WHO
The image above is the on the flag of the 'World Health Organization' (WHO)

Grand Central Terminal

The image above is from a youtube video called
"The Pythagorean Theorem" but it is MUCH more than
that. It is like the matrix, v for vendetta and Baraka
put together, only better. One of my friends was
involved with the project, he forwarded the video
to me. I wholly recommend it, it is not very long
but it is a good watch. Definitely check it out if
you can!
(click on the link "youtube video" above)