Aztecs/ Otomi were Warriors of Atlantis, Olmecs were ' Jaffa '

From studying accounts of the Mesoamericans it appears that there are accounts that point them to having once been on Atlantis. For instance, Xaltocan , a pre -Colombian city-state in the valley of Mexico is mentioned in the Historia Tolteca Chichimeca and in the Anales de Cuauhtitlan ( wikipedia ). According to the Anales , the people of Xaltocan were among the Chichimeca tribes that left the mythical place of origin, Aztlan, under a leader named Quauhtliztac ( KU - TT -I-SSS- TAK ). The origin,Aztlan, being referred to here must be Atlantis.

Xaltocan was originally settled by an Aztec tribe known as the Otomi however future wars and infusions with other tribes led to intertribal mixes.

The Toltec city of Tula sounds quite similar to Tule , which is a word associated with the Inuit peoples who claim links with Atlantis and the Pleiades . It is said that the Otomi people, before founding Teotihuacan settled at Tule (the German Thule society also comes to mind). The Otomi were eventually taken over by the Aztec although the Otomi sometimes fought as mercenaries for the Aztec.

In Carlos Castanda 's books Carlos' mentor Don Juan mentions Tula in association with the Toltecs (in the book The Eagle's Gift ), however it is in the book The Art of Dreaming that Don Juan shocks Castanda by telling him that there were individuals practicing Don Juan's brand of shamanism/sorcery 10,000 (ten thousand) years ago (8,000 BCE ). Putting two and two together, one can see that this early period Don Juan is talking about must have been those influenced by Atlantean times, or during the interim period (after the fall of Atlantis around 10,000 BCE until before the flood of about 4000 BCE -- see the Conan article).

In The Eagle's Gift , Castaneda says:

"They wanted to know what I had been doing. I told them that I had just been in the city of Tula , Hidalgo , where I had visited some archaeological ruins. I had been most impressed with a row of four colossal, columnlike figures of stone, called the Atlanteans , which stand on the flat top of a pyramid. Each one of the almost cylindrical figures, measuring fifteen feet in height and three feet across, is made of four separate pieces of basalt carved to represent what archaeologists think are Toltec warriors carrying their war paraphernalia.

Twenty feet behind each of the front figures on the top of the pyramid, there is another row of four rectangular columns of the same height and width as the first, also made of four separate pieces of stone. The awe-inspiring setting of the Atlanteans was enhanced by what a friend, who had guided me through the site, h ad told me about them. He said that a custodian of the runs had revealed to him that he had heard Atlanteans walking at night, making the ground underneath them shake."

(see wikipedia for photos of the four Atlanteans , if you search Tula , Hidalgo )

In The Art of Dreaming :

"I did not want to argue with him, but neither did I want to agree. I remained silent. I had forgotten my question about the old sorcerers, but Don Juan picked up the subject again. 'My understanding is that the old sorcerers existed perhaps as far back as ten thousand years ago', he said, smiling and watching my reaction. Basing my response on current archaeological data on the migration of Asiatic nomadic tribes to the Americas, I said that I believed his date was incorrect. Ten thousand years was too far back. 'You have your knowledge and I have mine', he said. 'My knowledge is that the old sorcerers ruled for four thousand years, from seven thousand to three thousand years ago. Three thousand years ago, the went to nothing. And from then on, sorcerers have been regrouping, restructuring what was left of the old ones.' 'How can you be so sure about your dates?'I asked. 'How can you be so sure about yours?' he retorted.[etc]

Although Castaneda has been accused of being a liar, a lot of what he writes about is true. The guy was a darksider so of course he would use lies and deception here and there. But that does not mean that everything he said was a lie. A couple of years ago, while working as a tour guide I took a bunch of people to an ancient megalithic site in Senegal that has several stone circles made of red ferrite rock (called Wassu Stone Circles). In the middle of the site are some rather tall stones. While the group were in the museum I took a walk around the site. I kept thinking about whether the site had any guardians. Would you believe that I saw two tornado-like whirlwinds actually formed a little ways away from me, in the hot grassy sand a bit away from the stone site but close enough. They did not approach close enough but the two (with a fair amout of space between them) hovered, moved around for a few significant minutes, and then dissipated away?!

 I think if one wants to have an idea as to some of the structures that may have existed in Atlantis, one should look at what remains of the Mesoamerican cultures. It is true that Atlantis had the concentric designs described by Plato but it also had pyramids. Atlantis had pyramids like those in Mesoamerica and in Egypt. This is due to Sirian influence in Atlantis. The original ET influence in Atlantis was of Pleiadian origin. I remember astral time traveling back to Atlantis while taking the Gateway program at The Monroe Institute and seeing a lot of pyramids. At the time I didn 't know about any of these connections I am now writing about, nor was the interest really there. I thought that something had perhaps gone wrong with that particular journey, it is only after several years now that I realised that I had to trust my perceptions. Good thing I kept extensive diary entries of those journeys.


Academia seems to be having a hard time explaining how the Olmecs (who are obviously Black) ended up in Mesoamerica. Some writers have tried to connect the Olmecs with Africa. Looking at the stone sculptures of the Olmecs it appears that they are wearing skull caps that are commonly worn by the Ptah (Enki-Horus-Thoth) group of Sirian-Reptilians. The Olmecs were the first Mesoamerican civilization (according to conventional sources) dating backt to 1400BCE, it is said they were around until about 400BCE. It seems a bit straight forward to me to think that the Olmecs must have come to Mesoamerica with one of the Sirian-Reptilian 'gods' (ETs & half breeds) as part of their entourage. They could have been from Atlantis or Egypt or elsewhere. The idea of the 'Jaffa' (soldiers/slaves/servants) accompanying a particular Gua-uld in the scifi show Stargate SG1 comes to mind. It should be quite easy to see that there was strong Sirian-Reptilian influence in Mesoamerica from the culture and from the constructed structures.