Darksiders and Lightsiders on Earth & the Orion Reptilians
February 2011

According to some sources, since this planet is controlled by dark forces, "light brigades" sometimes organize attacks or 'excursions' into darkside controlled areas to attack these dark plans. Those darkside factions and their physical offworld supporters (as well as the dark entities that help them out on the non-physical planes of existence) will then retaliate and then both sides get to beat each other up. I have had dream experiences where lightside and darkside entities battle each other. There are other experiences I have not recorded online, where non-physical entities have tried to 'recruit' me on the spiritual planes to join them in their 'work'. Needless to say, I am not interested in joining one or the other faction and all their polarity-influenced agenda. It has however been beneficial to observe on occasion the antics of one or the other group.

I am writing this because I came across an interesting (to me) insignia that indicates to me that the Mintaka faction of the Orion reptilians is active among one group of darksiders. According to one Richard Boylan who says he is an Earth representative of the 'Galactic Federation' (says he is an 'Earth Councillor'), "the Cabal" (darkside powergroup) launched a satellite into space to shoot down (presumably lightsider) extraterrestrial vehicles approaching Earth (see [1] below). He was calling on lightsiders ("light brigades") on 28th January 2011 to join in a psychic fight against the darksiders to bring down this satellite.

The actual satellite was referred to as "NRO L-49". So off I went researching "NRO L-49" and what I saw interested me a great deal. The insignia on the lauch payload of this "NRO L-49" is a phoenix, with the motto "melior diabolus quem scies" which apparently means "the devil you know" (see [2] below). So if it is infact true that "NRO L-49" is ultimately a project by "The Cabal", then given what we know about associations between the phoenix and the winged (dragon queen) Orion reptilian matriarchy, we can say that it is likely "the Cabal" is in league with this faction of reptilians. How interesting. These darksiders will tell you like it is, but if you don't know the background to the situation on Earth you'll think it's just a pretty picture of a phoenix. "NRO L-49" was launched by a Delta IV rocket built by Boeing.

"The devil you know"!...the phoenix represents the Orion reptilian matriarch...that's Mintaka faction. The devil you know"...do they know the Orion queen or her representatives?

So if you don't want to use your psychic abilities and developments for some faction whose agenda you may not even be fully aware of or fully agree with then it may be best to stay away from such calls. Yes the darksiders are building their particle beam weapons, scalar weapons and other nasties to use in possible fights against offworld groups. It's similar to the situation at the end of season 4 of the Babylon 5 scifi series where the Earth darkside government under "President Clark" merged Earth-class destroyers (space ships) with organic technology from the uber-darksider "shadow" entities, a group of ancient sentient beings bent on spreading chaos and destruction as their purpose for existence. These "advanced destroyers" were used against lightsider vehicles approaching Earth that had integrated Minbari and Vorlon technology (both lightsider alien groups) into the same craft. In our case you can think of Earther Cabal scientists merging Earth and Sirian-Reptilian-Rigelian technology to use against Andromedan Council, Galactic Federation and Pleiadian vehicles, which are real extraterrestrial groups and not 'TV extraterrestrials'.

You can be sure that the Earth darkside controllers also have psychic legions so if you go attacking their stuff they'll retaliate. No body is saying fight or don't fight. If you feel like it then go for it, if you don't then don't but you don't have to, and your actions may have consequences.

If you don't want to put your psychic talents to someone else's use, use them for your own path, the purpose for which your Higher Self has set you on for this incarnation.

I know of some people who have had various dream experiences where they encounter extraterrestrial vehicles in the dreamscape. I have also had some experiences of this nature. The dreamscape accesses other dimensional realities that may merge with those used by extraterrestrial vehicles, which is why they may be accessible to dreamers.

Lets see what the next few months and years bring. To me, it's all very interesting.

[1] http://www.drboylan.com/01.28.11jpe.html
[2] http://www.thespacereview.com/article/1437/1

(Credit: This image was taken from link [2] above)