Differences between Higher Self incarnate and Nature Spirit paths
February 2010

I sometimes talk to people or read the works of authors who confuse nature spirits with extraterrestrials or who confuse extraterrestrials with the Supreme Creative Forces of this galaxy and beyond, or who confuse nature spirits with the Supreme Creator forces. This confusion is similar to the one generated by mixing up the term God (when it is used to refer to the Supreme Creator Forces) and "the gods", a term which sometimes refers to extraterrestrials and sometimes to nature spirit hierarchies.

There is a difference between The Supreme Creator Forces and their emissaries ("Guardian" entities) who supervise both the Higher Self incarnational path and the Nature Spirit path. There is a difference between these emissaries and (most often polarity-based ) Higher Self incarnations on the various planets in this galaxy. There is a difference between (polarity-based) extraterrestrials and the Supreme Creator Forces. There is a difference between (polarity based) extraterrestrials and the spiritual guardian entities. There is a difference beween (polarity-based) extraterrestrials and the Nature Spirit hierarchies. There is a difference between Earth humans and other (polarity-based extraterrestrial) humans not from this planet.

Matters are made worse when some extraterrestrial personalities posed as 'gods' in past times either by assuming the qualities of the Supreme Creator Forces or by assuming qualities of certain Nature Spirit entities, in order to be worshipped!

The root of all this confusion is in giving one's power away to worship one or another being. This is what the term God/god has been applied to. It is is not necessary to worship another being, in fact it can be detrimental to one's spiritual progress. Even the Supreme Creator Forces must not be worshipped in the way the term is meant. Extraterrestrials must certainly not be worshipped and the same goes for Nature Spirit beings and other human beings. Very advanced spiritually oriented Earth human incarnates know about the differences I have just outlined above, either intuitively/spiritually, or through direct experience or both.

I was recently reading a book where the author was vehemently denying the existence of extraterrestrials because he fell into confusion about one of the categories of differences outlined above:

"As an initiated priest who works with many deities, I decided to enhance my understanding of cosmology and was instructed to seek this wisdom through Nana-el, the 53rd genii of the mercurial sphere. After invocation, I had a dream of the primordial deities that appeared as octopuses and serpents with human bodies, and moved around on ice because it has little friction. They were also happy, joyful and playful. These eight primordial deities go by different names in other traditions, Annunaki in the Babylonian, Enki in the Dogon and Kua in the Chinese. What I find disturbing is the misconception that these deities are aliens that brought mankind wisdom because nothing could be further from the truth. The eight primordial deities, referred to as the Ogdoad, are the nature of God/consciousness in its original state of being. Additionally, they are the energies behind all energies and are in control of everything: they are the atoms and molecules of our universe (R. A. Waldron, "The God Genes Decoded", p.39)."

Let me first of all say that I find the above book fascinating in some of the material it presents. Just because I do not agree with something in a book does not mean that I do not find the book interesting or useful in its entirety.

The author of the above is a vodoun priest, initiated in Haitian vodoun. It appears to me that the author has confused the Nature spirit path with the Higher Self incarnational path. Extraterrestrials and Earth humans who have a Higher Self are all "Children of the Divine"! This is one main reason why we should not worship them. I have also said that some extraterrestrials made things more difficult for Earth humans by taking up attributes of The Supreme Creator Forces and/or of Nature Spirits in order to have humans worship them. The author of the quote above is acknowledging the presence of the Nature Spirit path but is then saying that extraterrestrials did not give Earth humans knowledge because this knowledge came from the Nature spirit realm.

In truth, the two streams of knowledge are not necessarily mutually exclusive. It is true that both humans and extraterrestrials can gain knowledge from Nature spirit entities, but humans can gain knowledge from extraterrestrials as well. In my view, this has happened in the history of the planet, and it continues to happen (for example the Sirian ETs gave the US government dimensional portal technology which they used in the Montauk Project).

If you look at different kinds of Spirituality on Earth, you will see that the shamanic ones and the type 2 ones (like Buddhism, Taoism, Suffism etc. those that likely had some off-world influence) both have practices that gain knowledge from the nature spirit realm. There is nothing strange about this. Buddhist Vajrayana and Tantric practitioners have practices that merge them with high level devic aspects. Hindus have this as well. Shamanic practitioners can go on a fast, on a vision quest and directly commune with spirit. Some African and some Asian shamanic practices involve possession with spirit. In addition, both type1 (shamanic) and type2 forms of spirituality have initiated people who have been handed down histories through their lineages indicating interactions between Earth humans and extraterrestrial beings in past times.

But to then say that extraterrestrials do not exist because humans gain knowledge from the 'mahadeva' and its aspects is to perhaps be unaware of the distinction between the Nature Spirit path and the Higher Self incarnational path, and the details concerning the two groups in this distinction.

In the Akan book, I stated in section 5.16 that "The Akan know the difference between Divine Providence, ETs and Nature Spirits". This was in reference to Akan traditions where these distinctions are made.  Section 6.1 of the Akan book goes into a high level explanation of these distinctions.

Otherwise quite often I come across the use of the word "God" or "god/gods" without the proper distinctions or categorizations. Perhaps it will help to not use this word at all, but rather use specific names to refer to specific categories of things.