EA-Enki crop circle appears
August 2011

My friend E sent me this crop circle photo earlier this summer. If you look carefully at the image below you'll see that parts of the design are in binary code, which when converted into characters spells "EA ENKI". EA is the Babylonian name for the Sumerian deity ENKI who we have come to know to be the son of Anu, an extraterrestrial being from the Sirius star system. ENKI apparently means "Lord of the Earth", a title this being had for a time while active on Earth.

It seems real crop circles are made by some kind of intelligently directed process, probably using some kind of plasma energy. It is not a process that happens using conventional Earth-developed technologies. Some imposters have tried to make crop circles but those made this way are not quite as complex. One other difference that had emerged with the circles made by humans is finding the reeds in the field broken rather than looking as though they were "naturally" bent by a process that did not damage the reeds.

In any case, it is said that different extraterrestrial groups (and their supporters on Earth) make use of crop circles so it all depends on the nature of the design and what meaning the design has. Some designs are even said to have a holographic property such that the energy in the design can affect the Earth energy grid in a particular way.

(Photo credit: Internet)