Egypt Mexico Peru Bolivia and Sirius according to a Brazilian writer
January 13, 2010

I came across the article below while doing some research on links between the "taboo animals" of the Bosommuru ntoro division of the Akan as reported by Rattray in his book "Ashanti" (see The Akan book, sections 5.11 & 5.12) which are:


The article below was posted on an online forum by one 'Oscar'. I found it to be an interesting read as the material he wrote about links in with some of what I have written on The Akan website. I have already pointed out aspects of the Sirius connection relating to the Peruvian Inca culture as well as to the MesoAmerican (Aztec, Olmec) cultures. Oscar's knowledge provides a more in-depth Central and South American perspective. The reader is encouraged to read Oscar's article at their convenience to draw conclusions for themselves. I suspect that English is not Oscar's first language, nevertheless the article is intelligently written.

Among other things, he points to language similarities between the Inca and the Sumerian cultures as well as to similarities between the numerical systems traditionally used by the Inca and to those of the Israelites and of the Sumerians. I will add that this is possible because all three cultures are connected to the Sirius system.

Oscar also makes references further down in his article to the five animals listed above. Since the Bosommuru ntoro is perhaps the most important one of the leaders of the falcon clan, my suggestion is that the list of taboo animals of the Bosommuru ntoro are similar to animal depictions found in Egypt, in Mesopotamia and also in Central and South America.

Egypt/Peru/Bolivia/Mexico contact
(posted on website (see below) on 04-01-2004)

Egypt is a name coming from Greek Ægyptus. In ancient times the name was Khem or Kam meaning “dark” or “black”. In fact the Egyptians portrayed themselves with red or black skin. Arabs remember the name of the country being Al Misri. It’s the same account of Genesis 10:6 in the Bible: Mizraim, Kam (Ham)’s son. In Hebrew the name means “country built by geometric plan” and in the Bible is a reference to all Mizraim’s lineage mingled with his brother Shem’s offspring and spread around the world (Ezekiel 29:12, 13; 30:23; Jeremiah 25:19). Hence, it’s no surprise Chinese silk was found in Egypt, cocaine and nicotine in Egyptian mummies, hieroglyphs in Australia and Peru.

In the case of Peru, Bolivia & Mexico the similarities with Egypt exist beyond coincidence: similar ships made of reed; mummification of human and dogs; brain surgery; priest-kings; heliolatry; metallurgic skills and special interest in copper and gold and “empirical” use of electrolysis; pyramids with the 43.5 degrees angle with the knowledge of Pi math factor (several affinities and measurements with Teotihuacan pyramids in Mexico); temples built to remain dark; worshipping of animals (mainly combinations of cherub-sphinxes: felines, bulls, monkeys, birds, reptiles [Bosommuru connection comes in here]); deformation of skulls; special interest in constellations like Orion and Pleiades; bifrontal zooantropomorphic stone cryptography (two-faced statues, half human-half animal) linked to planet Mars; weaving system made with 11 functioning parts; half chromosomes of Peruvian cotton belonging to New World and half from Old World in very old place in Huaca Prieta; existence of chicken and corn in Egypt, South America and Mesoamerica before Christopher Columbus.

Egyptians called the workers from beyond with the name Apiru and their pharaohs were pher-aon(per-aha) coming from a place sunk in the sea. The place of gold in the Bible was named Opir (an inverted sound of Piro/Piroa/Peru, the land of gold), Job 28:1-6; 1 Kings 9:28; Isaiah 13:12. Is it a mere coincidence both countries, Peru & Egypt, used similar architectural technique which was melting of the stone as it’s suggested in Maurice Cotterell’s investigation of the metal hooks which are not convex, and there’s no metal fissure between the stones as it would be expected in the tension of liquid metal poured? The work of Professor Davidovits, the American architect Pierre Protzen and Peruvian Dr. Javier Urbina are also fundamental for a better comprehension.

Apparently in Egypt it was used garlic-stone, onion-stone and radish-stone in geopolymer technique while in Peru the red plant “juntcha” (kechuca, puno punco, quebrantahuesos or bone-breaker Andean ephedra), chanca piedra (Phyllanthus niruni), quinua (Chenopodium quinoa) and coca leaves were used to create vegetable acids; probably volcanic ashes and molds made of potatoes were also used besides the force of the rivers. Red juntcha liquidifies stones and iron and is used by woodpecker named Pito (Colaptus pitius) to drill the stones with its beak by means of its saliva fermenting the plant. The wall stones were
pre-elaborated on horizontal or curved and little mountain shapes on the floor for anti-earthquake purposes.

At least 95% of the inferior stones in Inca’s temples adapted to the ones on top like “building the house by the roof”. Metal matrixes were probably used in the shape of J, U or V. Stones were chosen one by one in Peru, specially the Andahuaylillas because the rough texture fits better between blocks. Theories of using kites or bullet-train technique (electromagnetic avenues) with the help of special devices like golden sticks or Egyptian Djed pillars and taquion mind power of trained priests have been suggested for the astonishing transportation of huge stones weighing tons through extreme distances, crossing rivers, valleys
and mountains.

It must be said both South and Mesoamerica are considered candidates for the mythic Atlantis by various authors like cartographer from English Air Force Intelligence, Jim Allen, anthropologist George Erikson and author Vincent Bridges. The hooks inserted on the megalithic stones couldn’t hold them in a zone affected by earthquakes, they would’ve broken like cookies; they had the purpose to charge electrically the buildings to the ground. Some of them were made of nickel and copper alloy requiring a 1927 °C temperature we only achieved in 1930 though they were using it thousands of years ago. Plato mentioned the Atlantis metal as being oricalco which is just another way to say Inka’s and Aymara’s qoricollque. The very name Atlantis comes from Mesoamerican and South American words: ATL meaning “water” and ANTA “copper”.

Opir/Piroa/Peru is a name remembered of characters and places. In the Bible he was a character whose brother was Hevila. Though they were Noah’s descents, Hevila actually is the place of Eden, the land of gold (Genesis 2:11, 12) and it’s mentioned Euphrates in the text. Both were Pheleg’s nephews (Genesis 10:25-29), a name who is a memory of literal division of the Earth in Hebrew account (Pangea’s unique and split continent?). The mention of Euphrates doesn’t solve the problem because in ancient times in Mesopotamia, the name of the river was Quechua language of the Inkas! It was URUTU meaning “river of copper”, something the real Euphrates is not unless it was the river receiving the reed ships coming from the Andes and carrying metals for their gods.

After the Deluge remembered by the universal myths and geological evidence, it’s guessed mountains became bigger and oceans, lakes and rivers changed. By satellite we are aware Urubamba and Vilcanota Peruvian rivers (united with Amazon river, the jungle Eden) match the same shapes of Euphrates and Tigris mentioned in Genesis.

Thus, the Bible Code is probably making a synthesis of different accounts on space & time. We have to remember in Quechua language of Incas, space and time are in fact the same an unique word “pacha” while in the Bible the superstring theory is linked to Orion and Pleiades (Job 38:31), time runs in opposite directions (Isaiah 41:22, 23); and it’s written the Earth hangs on the nothingness or emptiness of the space (Job 26:7) until we discover the graviton particles! The Inkas’ mathematic and mnemotechnique system of strings (quipus) have been compared with Israelites’ blue knots in the cloths of their priests (tzit tzit) among several similarities like language roots, the enchanting of Messiah song (méshica), the first fruits feast, the circumcise rite, eating of specific fish forbidden, etc. William Burns Glynn has decoded the Inkas’ writing system on the designs on their clothes as drawn by Poma de Ayala chronics. This writing called k’elkan was done on clothes and banana leaves, on sticks, etc, and was forbidden in the times of the Inca Pirua Ayar Taco Cápac. It was a consonant-numeral alphabet pretty much like Hebrew. As a matter of fact, proto-Sumerian scripture has been found and decoded in Bolivia and Peru. The Fuente Magna and Monolito de Pakotia have been called The America’s Rosetta Stones.

T-Awantinsuyo was the name of Inca empire extended to various countries and it’s significant the Hebrew Book of Jubilees mentioned the name of Cain’s sister-wife as Awan while the Mesopotamian memory recalls Cain’s name is pronounced like in Spanish, Ka-in (not like English Kane) which is also an inverted homophonous of In-Ka like Opir is an homophonous of Piro. Naïve geologists trust poor methods of measuring activity on time –actually not “time”- when Titicaca river was a sea rather than a lake or if it had access to Atlantic Ocean, when there were two rivers running in opposite directions instead of a single Amazon river. Uniformitarianism dogma suspecting the present must be the key to comprehend the past is due to the hatred catastrophism ideas. Yet, they have occurred not just in pre-history but in the history of men.

Mars-Peru-Egypt grid

Cosmic feline was worshipped in Peru. It mingles feathered snake and condor. Yawar Fiesta (feast) is known in Peru because the native ones tie together the condor mounting a bull. This represents a collective memory of the two-headed entity. Before the importation of bulls and cows in Peru, the bull with feline claws and teeth was already depicted in Monolito Raimondi and in Tiahuanaco in Bolivia and the defenders of orthodox archeology and history have nothing to say about the myth. The same can be said about the jaguar in Mexico; the winged bulls in Sumerian culture, Babylon, Assyria; the Chinese reptile dragon and the white tiger; the Hindu deities with 4 faces and giving preference to monkeys, lions, tigers, reptiles and calves; the Egyptian sphinx and their 740 main animal-gods. Now the same idea is presented in a new form by means of genetic experiences and animal transgenic into human DNA and Japanese cartoons and teenagers distraction in Power Rangers, Transformers, Thundercats, Mortal Kombat videogames, RPG and albums.

Through history animals were part of Biblical beast appearing in flags and patriotic symbols representing countries and governments. Neither Jung nor Freud explained why men choose archetypes or universal symbols the way we do, using bizarre fusion of animals. They could only guess they are important for our sanity and consciousness. We can’t even duplicate in a lab the objective oniric experience of dreams though considered “subjective” by our ignorance and incompetence beyond checking the rapid movement of the eyes, the micro-cycles have a different time from dream-time. Perhaps anthropologists and botanists know better the fact our visual perception of the universe is limited and the chemical structure of the brain acts better in a key-lock relationship with hallucinogenic substances….as used by ancient and some modern civilizations in shamanic rituals.

There’s a place in Peru located at 12,500’ plateau in Andes mountains, Marcahuasi. Though gets little rain, stones seem eroded by water and there are statues of stegosaurus, penguins, walruses, Egyptian Taweret hippopotamus-crocodile-lioness goddess and baboon god Toth, an Egyptian sphinx, prehistoric crocodiles and turtles, a bearded Persian profile, fortress, stone forest, faces of many races, African lion, camels, horses, seals and so on. Triangular plates in the back of one of these sculptures are made of different stone. Testing by European scientists have revealed they have been “mortared” into place but there are no clues about composition though the erosion suggests ancient times. The figures are not fashioned like statues but they “hide” depending on the observation point of view in a game of shadows and light. They are sculpted form in light -on dioritic porphory volcanic rock as hard as obsidian- becoming “alive” in solstices during June or December and certain hours. Elorrieta Peruvian brothers-authors have shown even in Machu Picchu this game allow us to see the mountains with the shape of a condor with spread wings, the cougar face in Huayna Picchu mountain and the city in front with the alligator body. Peruvian with Palestinian origin, Walid Abraham Ode, discovered the shadows of the Inka and cougar in the Sacred Village, the Pitusiray mountain, once a year in spring equinox, last days of September. The chronics of Huamán Poma de Ayala were accurate about the legends of the uturrunco cougar transformed into Inka. In Marcahuasi, there are ideal viewing spots constructed by their builders and steps lead up to them, sometimes a little seat was carved into the rock right where you should stand.

I had the privilege of going there with homonymous son of the archeologist who studied the place for years, Daniel Ruzo. The place itself looks like Martian atmosphere a bit like The Valley of the Moon in Bolivia but more impressive. The freezing temperature, the climbing among giant cactus with the shape of green tarantulas, the midst and literal stepping on clouds more than 4000 meters upon sea level, the odd view. All sort of bizarre experiences happen there. Cherubs with bizarre fusion of animals and humans materialize from inner dimensions and seem to be trapped in stone dungeons (like Pandora’s box, Aladin’s lamp, Titans in the cage of Tartarus including Chronus-Time, Enoch’s Dudael desert reference to Watchers kept on a place, etc), UFOs sightings and transport to time have been reported. This is as strange as the other space-time portal or Stargate-Babilu 34 km from Puno, Peru, called Aramu Muro. In Marcahuasi, there’s even the Martian Face staring up the sky like a legendof Hercules-Melkart-Mars in a journey to Eden garden on Mars-Ares, the war god… but written on stone.

Meanwhile, the face or “sphinx” on Mars is in an area baptized by Freemasons at NASA as Cydonia (Sidon) in reference to the 4-faces cherubs led by special cherub Satan/Samael who was cast out from orbiting “stones of fire” (eh-ben in Hebrew is also a reference to the “rebel and proud son of the dawn”) and “house-mountain” (eruk in Mesopotamian language=pyramid?) in Eden, if we believe Ezekiel 28. His arrogant behavior was compared with Tyrus king. In Hebrew “Tyrus” means “sharp rock” (pyramid?) and was also the name of Mars in Phoenicia. Tyrus was subordinate to Sidon (Cydonia) for many years. Interesting is the detail given by the prophet in verse 20 “turn the FACE against Sidon”. The Egyptian sphinx –in the other hand- is also a cherub who mingles a combination of bull’s tail, human face, lion body and the sides illuminated to show up wings of a falcon. A reference to constellations and Egyptian gods like Apis, Hathor, Bubastis, etc. In ancient Arab, the name of the city Cairo means “Mars”.

The sphinx was called by Egyptians Hor-em-Akhet meaning “Horus (the falcon god) in the horizon” and the name of the falcon was the Egyptian word “heru” meaning “face”. In Egypt, the sphinx is close to the pyramids while on Mars surface, the face with teeth (the monument is 400 meters high and 2.5 km long, 1 km width) is also close to 2 pair of pyramids, the bigger ones being 800 meters height and 3 km the sides. The math spiral is related to hyperdimensions, the angle of Martian tetrahedron in Cydonia is .3333 and the position of the face related to pyramids is also the Egyptian Eye of Ra. In fact, there’s another complete sphinx on Mars laying in front of a pyramid-peak. The paw, face, head-clothe, curved tail very visible with the help of zoom.

NASA has systematically hidden, erased and altered photos and info. They have been using infrared filters in their cameras to give the impression Mars is more red than actually is and to hide the blue and green images. The sky is “martianized”. Recent stones shown in photographs looked like artifacts of a jigsaw puzzle and geologist R. Nicks have found at least 24 anomalies in NASA frame 80881. Images of tube crystals, “Inkas” terrace and constructions, Hebrew and Arabic letters, trees, T-forms, dunes, fortress and “mining” places, Orion maps, Mexican faces, cougar designs on Martian surface are available on internet. The photograph they allowed to be presented in books and by tv satellites around the world showing the “face” as eroded mountain in fact is eroded artificial human-animal face. Reflecting the image of half mountain both Eastern and Western sides, rotating the image 180 degrees or imitating the effect of light to create different shades, elevating the image to 3D, using infrared or
termographic photographs we see the face is a hidden cryptographic message of a being which is lion-cat-falcon-bull-hominid-pharaoh-mummy.

The shadow-light effect was used both in Egypt and Peru. The Great Pyramid presents a vacuum or hollow effect on one of its faces when the Sun rays from the West hits the North face at sunset. Specially on solstices and equinoxes. In Marcahuasi, Peru, the 3 story tall monument called “Face of  Humanity” ages into an old man as the Sun travels westerly. This is a technique, Daniel Ruzo, attributed to the Masmas. People probably descents from Ishmael’s son, Masma (Genesis 25:14), himself a descent from Egyptian slave Agar…unless the Bible Code is hiding something we could imagine happening in very old times.

The Bible Code mentions the word “Mars” cutting 1/3 of the word “Earth” (hertz in Hebrew). Since Revelations 8:5-12 suggests 24 hours-day could be reduced to 3rd part, we have to reduce 8 hours to imagine our future day will only last 16 hours if Mars is affected or destroyed by Earth’s gravity. The dragon Leviatan in the Bible has been considered the Ouroborus snake eating its tail. That is the Milky Way whose Greek clock “aión” is a cycle ending in a cataclysmic destruction appearing every Platonic year, 25,920 years. The mouth swallows its tail near Sagitarius. Sagitarius’ head in Assyria was equivalent to Nergal (Mars) and it was depicted very much like Martian eroded “face”. Is the Martian face a warning of a future disaster on Earth like its own ecoclysmic catastrophe when Mars was hit by an asteroid leaving a “scar” in Hellas Planitia crater?

The hippopotamus-lioness-crocodile Egyptian goddess who is depicted also in Marcahuasi, Peru, was the one who led the path into the land of the dead (west of Egypt) and means constellation of Draco and Minor Ursa.

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Golden city lake titicaca

"Golden city" by Lake Titicaca
(Photo credit: Legend of Atlantis documentary)