Europe and the Lyran-Reptilian-Sirian connection
April 2010
The European human group as a whole are related to the lyran humans (see articles 1 and 2). The original lyran-human worlds also had connections to feline and avian guardian influences, which also translated into genetics and heritage. Many European city and national coat of arm show the lyran emblem (the double headed eagle, see below). This emblem was the coat of arms of the Habsburgs of the Holy Roman Empire & The Byzantines and it was the emblem of the Austrian Empire, the German Confederation, the Russian Empire and the Spanish Empire of Charles the 1st.

In modern times, the Russian Federation has the double bird in its emblem and so do those of Serbia & Montenegro, Albania, and in many other places and contexts (sometimes not as national emblems but on more local levels). Some European countries also show links with the feline group. It is most often a reference to the Lion. Both English and Dutch royals have the lion link. These two (Eagle and Lion) have ancient links with Lyran times and represent ancient connections the Lyran group had to the guardian entities of the early galactic game period. Since some European royals are actually aware of these connections, they include them in emblems, together with the draconian/reptilian connection. 

Montenegro coat of arms
(Coat of arms of Montenegro)

Russian Federation coat of arms
(Coat of arms of the Russian Federation showing a link
to the Rebel Reptilian group
, with the slaying of the dragon)

Coat of arms of Toledo Province
(Coat of arms of the Spanish province of Toledo)

Coat of arms of Armeina
(Coat of arms of Armenia. The double-headed eagle is on the shield)