Ewe migration from Lemuria, through Asia and Middle East to Ghana
April 2010

The Ewe are an ethnic group found in present day Ghana and in parts of Togo and Benin. The youtube video below is an important one, pointing to the ancient origins of the Ewe language and how it was influenced by various cultures met during migration of the Ewe people. The main part of the video is entirely in Ewe (by an Ewe man), with translations into 11 (eleven) languages presented on the screen as the narration occurs. The account being given sounds like it is derived from the esoteric history of the Ewe people. It also parallels some of what Credo Mutwa has written, and some of what I've alluded to in The Akan Book.

The video is full of esoteric knowledge about the Ewe in particular. There is an interesting mention of how the word Kabbalah relates to the Ewe language and the Ewe people in particular. It should be said here that Kabbalah comes from the Sirius system. The West Afrikans have the original Kabbalah in their languages. Ewe-Gbe and Yoruba languages have their versions of Kabbalah, and so do some of the Mande and Mossi peoples. Very interesting.

There is also mention of the Ewe people while migrating they met the Israelites in Sumeria and there is talk about the word Yahwe, which has origins in the Ewe language meaning 'Universal Intelligence'. It should also be mentioned that the Ewe secret cult known as 'Yeve/Yewe' is one of the most powerful 'Thunder cults' in west Afrika. These guys have preserved the rituals of the Yewe cult intact, even today people are still initiated into Yewe.

I like the way the video ends with the narrator explaining that the Agbadza dance of the Ewes is actually used to clear energies along the spine. Although he did not mention kundalini, one should be able to see that this is where true Afrikan dancing accompanied by drumming originate from. They all have shamanic origins. The Khoi-san use dancing and drumming to release their kundalini. Other Afrikan initiates dance and dance to release their kundalini. In his initiation story, Credo Mutwa talks about how he was made to dance and dance and dance until the kundalini released from the base of his spine and shot right up to his head. He kept dancing, had an out of body experience and could see his physical body dancing beneath him while his astral frame floated above it.

This video has some big revelations, I doubt it happened without Ewe initiates being involved. The time has come for all these things to be known widely.

Story of the Ancient Ewe Language (youtube link)

Distribution of Ewe-Gbe languages
(Distribution of Ewe-Gbe languages along the coast of West Africa)
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