Mohenjo-daro and Harrapan Indus Valley cultures and Mesopotamia
February 2010

These are the two great cities of the "Indus Valley Civilization" that were contemporaries of the Sumerian-Mesopotamina cultural period. These cultures were located in what is now the Punjab region of Pakistan, however the influence of this culture stretched from the Himalayas to Balochistan.

The following article below mentions the "fish pictogram" in relation to both the Indus valley culture and Mesopotamia. This fish symbol has been associated with Oannes and with those of Enki's faction. Contrasting the seals used by Harrapa-Monhenjo daro and Mesopotamia, one can easily identify the uncanny resemblance.

Article: Fish and the God of Waters (Enki/Ea/Oannes)

Indus Valley Civilization and Mesopotamia