Harry Potter and House Griffindor
December 2010

This write-up contains spoilers so if you have not yet seen the movie you may choose to read it later.

This past weekend (3rd December) I saw part 1 of the final Harry Potter (HP) movie on the big screen. The movie is full of reptilian imagery. Some astute observers have previously pointed out certain aspects of the HP movies that point to Orion and Sirian information.

The movie I saw this past weekend started off with a dark episode. A death-eater (professor Snape) is seen flying to Hogwarts school of magic which is now a very dark place and the meeting point of the darkside death eaters after their take over. His ethereal body is full of dark energy as indeed are the ones of the other death eaters. (Witches fly through the physical-ethereal realms sometimes as a ball of ethereal light so there is some truth here. Of course the HP movies are primarily about European magical lore (flying on a broom stick etc) but there are parallels with other cultures. Among my own people the Akan, witches sometimes fly in groups, either on their familiars or by themselves or even as a group sitting on a big 'plantain leaf'!)

So professor Snape (change the 'p' to 'k' and you have an appropriate name for him) arrives last at the meeting hosted by Voldemort ('flight/flyer of death', from French...death dealer?) and here we see some very dark action taking place. A former professor at Hogwarts is victimized (tortured) by Voldemort, killed and then fed to Voldemort's python as 'dinner'. So the reptilians have finally started to show on video reptilians eating humans. The film does not show the full process although with today's technology it could have been possible. The film is rated 12A by the way, and before it started viewers got a message saying that younger children can watch this if they are accompanied by their parents. You cannot be too young to watch this stuff.

In today's world, a real worl dark council is apparently called "The Cabal" (they probably have Cabalists among them).

This snake, Voldemort's pet, is quite evil. Familiars of witches are spirits that sometimes inhabit real animals in existence. In Debrunner's book "Witchcraft in Ghana" there are anecdotes of witches who met with the physical counterparts of their spiritual familiars in the forest. This snake is later shown in the Harry Potter film to be a real terror, killing and eating humans and surrounded by flies. We also see the snake shapeshift from a human form into its reptilian form. This is the opposite of what was seen in the movie Conan the Barbarian, where a man shapeshifts into reptilian form. This part of the HP movie came across as eerie and mysterious to me. Harry is seen speaking "parsel tongue" (i.e. reptilian speech) with the human woman before it shapeshifts into reptilian. In somewhat of a daze, Harry walks forth with his back facing the snake, as it shapeshifts. Harry himself likely has reptilian dna, to be able to speak "parsel tongue" fluently. Later on in the movie Harry uses "parsel tongue" to open Voldemort's hocrux which contains an evil fragment of Voldemort's soul.

Darksiders love to gain access to the weaknesses of others. If they can read your mind, they will. This is why they also practice deception and clouding of their own minds and souls so that others cannot read them. As an aside, the dark lord of the sith in the starwars movie has mastered clouding his mind and his intentions so that the jedi do not know of his dark plans until it was almost too late (some may say too late). Lightsiders and darksiders. Darksiders and lightsiders. They will battle each other until their Souls choose other experiences.

There is quite a bit of 'dimensional travel' in the HP movies but especially so in this one. To be able to travel between physical and ethereal realms with ease is an ability the original humans of this planet had. Today, only few spiritually trained individuals or those with the natural ability can do this. It is implied in the HP movies that HP's world of magic is different from the 'muggle world' (world of 'ordinary reality'). In non-movie "reality", with only your ethereal body, it is possible to travel through the ethereal realm, into the physical and back, however to use the entire physical body together with the ethereal body is another matter. It is however not impossible, as readers of Malidoma Some's book Of Water and the Spirit and some of Castaneda books can tell.

The title of this write-up mentions 'Griffindor'. In that word we find 'Griffin'. What is a griffin? It is a creature that is both lion and bird. House 'Griffindor' represents influences of the original Lyran human connection with the Avian and Feline guardian entities. As I pointed out in an earlier article, the Lyran humans (precursors to today's white people of the various European and European-influenced countries) had their connection to avian and feline entities as well. I would like to point out that the original phoenix entities were Avian entities of the guardian crew who helped with the reptilian darkside faction of the galactic incarnational game. Your winged dragon of Draco, Orion, the Reticuli system, Bootes and elsewhere is reptilian mixed with avian. Similarly, in the Sirius star system you've got feline mixed with dog/wolf for some of those races.

So in the movie, Harry is supposed to be representing those humans of the Lyran system here on this planet who have allied with the winged dragon of Orion (the Orion queen) while Voldemort and his underlings are probably of the rebel reptilian group (a real world group, as I said, is apparently called "The Cabal"). If you look at Voldemort's face, it has even been made to look like that of a tall Rigelian ("tall greys") who play a vital role among the rebel reptilian group. This is also why house "Slitherin" is appropriate for Voldemort, Professor Snake (oh I meant Snape) and the rest. Which creature 'slithers', one might ask. The answer is...snakes! Voldemort's face looks Reptilian/Rigelian.

Now this movie, part 1 of the final rendition, shows that the rebel group of darksiders have taken over the magical world, killed the minister of magic and infiltrated the ministry. All are in disarray but I can imagine that come Summer 2011 when the part 2 of this final movie comes out, you can expect the movie to show that this rebel group will fall and the Orion group represented by Harry Potter and his efforts will prevail. Now will this reflect what happens in our world? We are yet to see.

One final note: In part 1 of this last movie, we are told that the "Elder Wand" is the most powerful magical wand in the HP world. This wand was in the possession of Dumbledore so Voldemort breaks into his grave to gain possession of it. Truth is, Elder Wands are real wands used by spiritualists such as those who practice Wicca and practitioners of Egyptian Magikal systems (such as the one promoted in the materials released by Franz Bardon). One can have a real wand that is 12-20 inches long, made from a branch of the elder tree. The wand has to be 'magikally processed' first of all, before it can be put to use. So in this case, like in a number of other cases in these HP movies, what is shown in the movie reflects what exists in "ordinary reality".


One image of a griffin: an Avian-Feline combo.
(Image credit: Internet)