Imhotep and the Step Pyramid at Saqqara
April 2010

Djoser was an Egyptian Pharaoh of the 3rd dynasty, who was buried in the necropolis of Saqqara. The Egyptian polymath Imhotep was commissioned to build the step pyramid that is now known as "Djoser's pyramid". Imhotep was a member of the Ptah-Thoth-Horus camp/faction (avian-reptile faction) and was likely a member of the “Shem-su-Hor”, the followers of Horus. He was referred to as a “son of Ptah” and he was a priest of the Memphite current.

The three images below show Imhotep, an Akan brass weight (a step pyramid on top of which is a bird pecking at its tail) and the pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara. This image of a bird whose head is turned around to touch its tail is known among the Akan as 'sankofa', a phrase which translates as "go back and take", or "go back and retrieve".

In the article “Decoding the Yucatec-Mayan Deity Kukulkan”, I mention the importance of the pyramid as a symbol used by the Sirian beings, which explains why it is found in Egypt but also in other parts of the globe where these Sirian beings were active.

ImhotepSankofa-Sumpiepyramid of Djoser
(Photo credits: Internet; The middle photo is from