Why the Jews call themselves "the Chosen People"

It occurred to me the other day that Jews are off-world type2 Sirians. Some Jews have more Sirian (Sephardic) and are similar to type2 Sirians such as Arabs and some Ethiopians and Eritheans. Other Jews have more Reptilian (Ashkenazi). Since we are in the sector of the galaxy controlled by Sirius (for the Orion Empire) the Ashkenazi Jews, some of whom belong to families with strong Sirian-Reptilian influence (like the Rothschilds) see themselves as the inheriters of the planet because of their familial relationships with the Sirian-Reptilians (the Annunaki of Sumerian lore).

It could also be that some Jews have some Ancient Earther heritage mixed with the Sirian/Reptilian influence. The Reptilians and the Sirians when they arrived here split the Ancient Earth human into male and female genders and then further mixed Sirian-Reptilian genes with some of the genderized Ancient Earth humans to create the Human-Reptilian shapeshifters as groups of bloodlines who ruled in Lemuria (the ET one of very long ago) and also in parts of Asia and in Mesopotamia/Sumeria. This is part of the reason why adherents of the Goth culture like to die their hair black. In any case, it's all ET focused not Earth human-focused.

The line of reasoning where one human group thinks it is meant to inherit the Earth from Earth's former rulers is of course flawed. If anything at all, it is the Ancient Earth humans and later, the Indigenous humans of this planet that can make claim to this being their original home although, as we know, most pre-modern Indigenous societies, although some played the survival game that led to wars of conquest, were not into owning the entire planet. Earth is home to all current Earth humans.