Kunlun-China-Mesopotamia-Sirius relation by a Chinese Friend
February 2010

Below are portions of an exchange I had with a Southern Chinese acquaintance living in Singapore who knows much more about Chinese culture and its relationship with Sumeria-Mesopotamia, than I do. The exchange was about a number of subjects, ranging from Taoist themes to Chinese history. The reader may learn something from the portions of the exchanges I have posted that relate to the material and themes of this website. There is also some mention of Kunlun, which has come up in other articles of this February 2010 article release. The individual who wrote the words below may not have English as his first language, however the comments are intelligently written. He has researched the topics he speaks of. 

It is interesting to note that the Lop Nur area is one of the Earth grid access points. Perhaps this may relate to the Kunlun portal (see below)

(October 28, 2008)
Dear -K-

Thanks for your detailed exposition on this subject. It's already 3.54am now in Singapore and I do not have the energy to write a long response. Instead of delaying my reply, I find what you have written too delicious to not warrant a quick succinct reply 8-)

I believe the Chinese race IS NOT a monolithic race. Various group of people of Mongoloid descent emigrate to China proper at different era from a few route:
-1st From middle east to Himalaya to Tibet to China proper.
-2nd From Middle East Across Siberia to North China.
-3rd From Middle East to Himalaya to Yunnan and Sichuan and to Southern China.
Some intermixing with Caucasian in Siberia and subeast Asian also imply that Northern Chinese has Caucasian gene and Southern Chinese has gene from Southeast Asian. Many southern Chinese looks like Thai and Vietnamese while North Chinese has a more Caucasian look and Northwest Chinese has a more Central Asian look.

The original Chinese culture is derived from the Sons of the Reflected Light and some Chinese has the DNA from Huang Ti (probably a semi God). However most Chinese are basically indigenous people being civilized by a few spiritual elite like Huang Ti, Shen Nong, Fu Hsi etc

China is very primitive and under develop during the time that Sumeria build Ur and Egypt build pyramid (should i say Atlantean from Atlantis build pyramid? :) ) . I believed that Huang Ti may originally come from Mesopotamia or from advance civilization from Kun Lun. Maybe it is an extra dimension portal. China during 4000BC to 1500BC is too under develop to produce any superior culture. The sudden raise of China between after 1500BC to 200BC must be due to technology from Middle East.

During the Tower of Babel incident, a group of people in Mesopotamia that are Mongoloid in race emigrate to China proper. This may be why suddenly technology in China develop rapidly after 1500BC. Prior to that Egypt and Mesopotamia and the Hindus Valley is the centre of civilization. Maybe between 4000BC to 1500BC, there is a few ET immortal that hide in China to practise their [Tao] etc but China is very primitive and technologically inferior. These ET like Huang Ti probably are originally from Middle East but decide to emigrate to virgin and unspoiled land in China to run away from the politic and bad weather  in Middle East. In ancient Mesopotamia, accoding to the bible, all different race exist in harmony until the tower of babel incident cause the division of race and language. Maybe this is a myth. I dun know.

There is great similarity between Taoist numerology and astronomy and myth with ancient pre-Babylonia Sumeria and certain aspect of Torah (Judaism) is similar to Taoism. The 22 alphabeth of Judaism sounds like the 10 + 12 heavenly stem and earthly stem of Taoism. The judaism magic square is similar to Loshu and Hetu from I Ching. Kabbalah and Hermetic Science and early unadulterate Christain science, Essene and some sect of Hinduism definitely is similar to Taoism to a great extent.Taoist worldview are more similar to Sumerian and Essene (Jesus original teaching) than Buddhism. Taoist science is slightly closer to Vedanta, Mahayana, Vajrayana than Theravada buddhism.

Secret portals in Kunlun nourish the spiritual science of Mesopotamia, India and China [in China]. Original Taoist probably are taught in Kunlun. The portal is probably constructed by ancient immortals and ET. However although ancient [Tao] science is available to different groups of people on planet earth, it concentrate mainly in China proper and Kunlun. Why?? I dun know for sure. It is a mystery why the Sons of the Reflected Light chose to teach the inhabitant of China more than Africa, South America, Middle East or Siberia. 

It has nothing to do with race because there is [Tao] practitioner in Korea too. The Korean [Tao] practioner receive far more original teaching than even the ancient accomplished Tibetan Monk. I believed geography is the key and not race. And ancient China as well as modern China is not a monolithic race. China compose of many Mongoloid tribes of different culture and language but most are forced to be assimilated by the Han/Tang culture and hence they all ended speaking Mandarin and writing in Chinese. Just like almost everyone in USA speaks and write in English no matter whether you are originally from Europe or South America or Asia.

I do believe in ET and also human are creatures derived from ET and hence has a root that extend beyond this solar system or even from other dimension, i do not believe it is easy to know the true ET history. Too many conflicting sources. I believed the root of [Tao] comes ultimately not from ET although advanced ET with deep spiritual knowledge definitely have something similar to [Tao] . I believed [Tao] come from immortal from other dimensions or direct intermediary immortal being from ALL THAT IS (Tao or Godhead). This means that any being or ET could have learnt [Tao] directly from GOD or Immortals instead of from other human or ET.

Taklamakan desert
 "Kunlun Shan" means Kunlun Mountain range. In ancient times, there was an ancient culture where the desert is today.
  (Photo credit: wikipedia)