European-originated Science and the "Necro-scientific" paradigm
February 2010

This article is an attempt to point out some of the directions that modern science born from European thinking and application is taking. The article is a critique of the January 2010 National Geographic magazine cover story.

-National Geographic's January 2010 Feature article

The January 2010 feature article in the National Geographic magazine had this very title: Merging Man and Machine: The Bionic Age. Were it to happen, it will be a dream come true for current day scientific thinking. Last year I wrote an article entitled "The Advanced, Spiritually-oriented Individual in Modern Society" where I introduced the term "Necro-science". "Necro" means "dead". That is what mechanistic science is. It has no Spirit, it is artificial and it is dead.

19th Century opportunities missed!

In European science, mind is out of control. Spirit has no place. In the book Mutant Message Down Under, Australian Aboriginal people call many humans living the modern lifestyle "Mutants", as opposed to "Real People". To be a "Real Person" you have to acknowledge Spirit, and live a lifestyle that reflects that acknowledgement. Modern science born out of European thinking is creating more "Mutants", so that only those who reclaim Spirit can become "Real People".

Nineteenth century European scientists, some of whom were inspired by type 2 scientific ideas from Arabia, Egypt, India, Babylon, China and elsewhere sought to include a greater awareness of  Spirit into the then developing scientific mindset. The concept of the 'aether' came directly from metaphysics. Scientists such as Austrian Karl von Reichenbach sought to understand the energetic life force of nature, a concept he referred to as the "Odic Force". Franz Anton Mesmer developed his ideas on "animal magnetism".James Clerk Maxwell introduced the idea of 'potentials' in his formalism of electricity theory. In the case of Maxwell, his equations were modified, simplified actually, by three different scientists.

These beginnings, if they had the proper support, could have led European thinkers to develop scientific thinking along a more type2-oriented trajectory. This will naturally have included levitation vehicles, teleportation and devices that effect other phenomena that can be reached through spiritual training.

It turned out that the greater majority of European scientists at the time seemed to prefer to develop their science on a purely rational basis, in effect becoming stuck in their minds and hence denying spirit, emotion and energy. This "Mind-Identification" attitude that inordinately glorifies rationality at the expense of a more unified awareness pervades the European Germanic cultures (Germany, Netherlands, Britain, Russia, Scandinavia etc which are themselves the strongest representatives of Lyran-Reptilian (lightsider-darksider) polarity axis on Earth. Interestingly, some European cultures who have mixed with type 1 and/or type 2 cultures (French/Celts, Greeks, Italians, Croatians, Spanish etc), although they can often be as 'mental' as their strongly Germanic counterparts, also tend to have a stronger emotional streak in their cultures.

The European scientific mindset is now gaining a strong following among other non-European (non-western) cultures around the world, in (big) part due to the very forces that encouraged the (necro) scientific advancement of Europe.

Back to topic. European science that originated from the rennaissance, the industrial/scientific revolution and 'the enlightenment' is the pervading science we have in the world today. This scientific way of thinking is being used to change this world into a technological planet based on the necro-scientific paradigm.

Those secret societies and their extraterrestrial backers who control things on this planet are aware of more advanced science that could be more organic but they prefer not to allow or to promote or share such science, because it may hinder their control tendencies. One can however say that having necro-science on Earth is part of the way things were meant to be, since we are in a dark sector of the galaxy, controlled by dark beings.

External technological devices versus Internal technological devices

The National geographic article is a major campaign being carried out by the promoters of the necro-scientific way of thinking to encourage the masses to accept internal technological devices. You are unlikely to find National Geographic allowing several pages to promote a certain kind of useful, non-necro scientific idea or contraption that has originated from 'alternative science' (which more often than not is closer to organic science).

The pushers of the necro-scientific paradigm prefer to have access to the "internal hardware" of your physical body (looking at it from their perspective) -- your nervous system (which includes your brain) and your endocrine system, under their control. This is why they use the age-old trick of helping disabled people by implanting them with devices.

Many people use technological devices in today's modern world. Technology in and of itself is not evil. Where should necro-scientific influence end in one's life, on a personal level? Could many people today live without computers, trains, aeroplanes and many other forms of external technological devices? I imagine that some will find it more difficult to do so than others. The key word here is the word 'external'. External technological devices are meant to aid the human physical body in tasks that the physical body could potentially carry out unaided. What about internal technological devices? Would you allow your personal biological vehicle to become part-machine, and if so, to what extent? For me, it ends where I don't HAVE to have some device to aid me. For instance, I don't HAVE to implant my brain with a microchip.

Big brother wants to implant your brain!

Don't be fooled! If the darkside control freaks of planet Earth have their way, they will have everyone lining up to get the latest brain implants. Voluntary line-up will make them even happier. What has started with implanting kid's cranial cavities (see below) could lead to voluntary and then mandatory implantation, if they had their own way. This is the "Necromonger" way (Chronicles of Riddick). At the very top of the dark pyramid, this is what the pushers of Necro-science will have. In fact, they have already been praticing microchip implantation for some time now.

Re-emergence of more organic type2 science alongside conventional necro-science

In recent years, there has been a greater interest in science of crystals, harmonies, geometries and the like.There has been more interest in employing science in making organic food, organic-based music etc. These are examples of organic (type2) science. Organic science is not completely automated. The power unit comes from a living organism. So, although people drive cars, a car could conceivably be built to run on automatic. A horse cart on the other hand needs to have the horse pull the cart.

In type2 and in type1/type2 communities of past times, one could observe organic science in action. The Akan cloth weaver for instance used his body's energy to provide power to carry out the act of weaving. He would additionally invite Spirit to partake of the event, through a special ritual pertaining to weaving. The Mande blacksmith will sing special songs to invite the fire spirits to partake of the organic technological process of working with metals. These two examples are from type1/type2 cultures.

In more modern times, energy devices such as orgone beamer wands are type2-oriented. The Takyon capsule created by the Leading Edge International Research Group is another example of an organic, non-necro science type2-oriented piece of technology since it uses the natural energies and frequencies of the physical body in harmony with universal energies in order to operate. These devices and others like them go to show how 'alternative science' is sometimes actually closer to true science.

* The crucial difference between organic science and necro-science is that necro-science interferes with and overrides the natural order, rather than working underneath and with the natural order to bring about desired effects.

Type 1 and Type 2 "spiritual sciences" are more personally empowering

...but may also be more difficult to attain on a personal level since their methods take personal effort and practice. In his LA Transcript book, Robert Morning Sky talks about two paths to knowledge introduced by the Aku (Avian/Bird Entities) and the Uka (Reptilian Entities). The Aku encouraged knowledge acquisition through the use of personal and spiritual power. If an entity training under the Aku system wanted to physically move from point A to point B, this entity would learn to do so using the power of Spirit. The Uka-influenced entity will instead build an automated machine to do the job. Sounds familiar? Suffice to say that we have both the Aku and the Uka orientations on planet Earth today.

I bring up type1 and type2 "sciences" because these two poles of the "Indigenous Human" spectrum have different approaches. The type1 shaman will have strongly indigenous methods he/she uses, while the type2 practitioner will typically have more 'refined', 'scientific' methods that may still follow the edicts of nature. As an example, the real practitioners of 'taoist science' strive to follow the cycles of nature in order to cultivate themselves in the manner similar to that of the Aku.


What does "Bionic mean"?

The National Geographic article gives the reader a helping hand, as it starts the feature article the following definition:

"Etymology: from bi (as in "life" + onics (as in "electronics"); the study of mechanical systems that function like living organisms or parts of living organisms. (NJ Jan 2010, p. 35)."

So here we see that this etymology admits two concepts: mechanical and artificial. Mechanical is not necessarily evil or unwanted. Artificial is not necessarily evil nor should it be discouraged. The issue here is the role bionics will play in the physical body of whoever accepts such a system. Bionic additions are forms of internal technology that interface with the physical body.

Disabled application: first step to accepting internal devices leading to implants

The article then goes on to give the example of a young child who has been given cranial implants in order to help him hear and a woman who was hooked to a robotic arm:

"Aiden Kenny got two cochlear implants when he was ten months old. Bypassing parts of his ears that don't work, the implants - visible in an x-ray-carry electronic signals to his auditory nervers. Within months of the surgery, a child who'd grown increasingly quiet spoke the words his hearing parents longed for: Mama and Dada. "You're looking at a real bionic kid," says Johns Hopkins University surgeon John Niparko. (NJ, Jan 2010, p. 37)"

I think it is unlikely that this kid will ever develop any natural 'psychic' abilities he may have had with all those implants in his head. But who knows, even Darth Vader had psychic abilities while being half machine, unless that was a lie. The propaganda mechanism of these necro-science pushers makes it seem like these internal devices are here to save people. People who buy into this will naturally give their power away to science.

"Mind and Machine. An array of sensors tracks muscle movements that Amanda Kitts produces in her residual arm thanks to surgically rerouted nerves. Next-generation prostheses obey relayed signals, increasingly working like her original limb. Kitts is one of  "tomorrow's people", a group whose missing or runied body parts are being replaced by devices embedded in their nervous systems that respond to commands from their brains. The machines they use are called naural protheses or - as scientists have become more comfortable with a term made popular by science fiction writers - bionics. (NJ Jan 2010, p. 39)"

This here is pure propaganda. Using phrases such as "tomorrow's people" is a way to illicit personal acceptance and use of internal technological devices. It won't stop with prostheses.

The Nervous system doesn't like metal implants!

The article goes on to say:

"The problem was making the connection. Nerves conduct electricity, but they can't be spliced together with a computer cable. (Nerve fibers and metal wires don't get along well. And an open wound where a wire enters the body would be a dangerous avenue for infections.)" (NJ Jan 2010, p.41)"

It should perhaps come as no surprise that "nerve fibres and metal wires don't get along well." Organic and necro-based systems are not necessarily compatible. But in the necro-science paradigm, even when the scientists are aware of this difficulty, they will continue with their work, in order to override the natural system with their artificial one.

The Present and the Future of Necro-Scientific thinking

While reading this National Geographic article I was drawn to thinking about the Star Wars movies and the bionic arms that both Anakin Skywalker (Darth Vader) and his son Luke, carried as a result of losing their arms during lightsaber duels. The Star Wars movies show interesting aspects of Lightsider Lyran-Dolphin cultures struggling against Draco-Reptilian, Insectoid and other Darksider cultures.

There is a big section in the National Geographic article talking about the future possibilities of creating artificial skin using nano technology to make thin carbon filaments and then having these interface with regular human skin. This is the stuff of the future today's humans are being prepared for. And it is not only the big shot scientists who think like this. I was hanging out with a friend recently, who is a science teacher. He was enthusiastically telling me about the possibility of using genetically engineered viruses in future to counteract aging, by getting the viruses to go into the body and rebuild cells through DNA replication. I kept thinking to myself, "this is great only if you are a necro-science buff!"

...and Finally!

If you were ever faced with whether or not to accept an internal technological device such as an implant which will interface with and (possibly) override your natural system, you will be in a position to exercise personal choice. My advice to the Spiritually-oriented individual is, if you don't HAVE to take in such an implant, it will be unwise to accept it since such a choice could adversely affect your spiritual welfare.

Merging Man and Machine
(photo credit: me/my camera!)