Mutant Message Down Under - Australian Aboriginals as Planetary Guardians 

(written as an email to my friend PS --Jan 18'09)

This weekend I' ve once again returned to the book you sent me. As I work in phases, I hadn 't finished reading the book until now. I usually read a book a little over half way then return to it at a later period. 

It was possible this weekend to return to the spot in the hampstead heath forest that has the small vortex connecting with the planetary grid. Saturday was nice and sunny, making it possible to even be out for long periods. On a previous visit I found a small log sawed off from a tree. This has now become a stool of sorts although it is low enough to the ground that sitting on it, one can easily have legs crossed. As I sat and read some folks occasionally walked past, some seemed to wonder why I was sitting in damp leaves reading a book.

I had some thoughts I'd like to share about this book which has certainly had a profound impact on me while reading certain parts: 

The Australian Aboriginal people that Marlo met, the Real People, that she wrote about in her book Mutant Message Down Under, reflect what the Ancient Earth humans were like in attitude at least. I would imagine the Ancient Earth humans existed as aware, self-sufficient/independent individuals who could on occasion team up with friends or family or perhaps who didn 't exist in groups larger than a bunch of friends or a family. So much like the Real People or like the Nox in SG 1 episode 8. The process of civilizing humans does appear to be sequentializing , the larger the group the more removed humans are from relationships with individuals and with nature. (individual -->small groups/families/friends --> extended family/clan -->city/state -->nation --> regional bloc --> global/planetary etc). I have wondered whether the loneliness experienced in the advanced stages of incarnation at least as it applies to relationships with the wider context of people has to do with reversing this process to become as the Ancient Humans were.

The Real People act as Guardian humans or stewards/custodians of the Earth, much like the Dagara , the BaTonga (holy ones of the Kariba in Credo Mutwa 's books) and several other native people around the Earth. As with each native Earth human group, not every member or clan or tribe of that group or race performs these rites and even those that do have unique practices. What struck me while getting to the end of MMDU was the part where the Real People decide to show Marlo their most holy and most sacred place. That is, in the chapter The Oath and the one after that. This is amazing! Those who say that MMDU is a hoax are wrong. These caves that lead to underground chambers (and also into the inner Earth) exist. 

Also the 'crystal chambers' exist. In these underground crystal chambers the guadian human being interfaces with the energy of the galaxy as they flow through the Earth grid. This is one of the ways humans function as guardians. The chamber the Real People took Marlo to was made out of opal. These chambers are really sacred to all guardian human groups because it is the place where they can fulfil their universal function, it is like their 'office'.

The guardian human group in the Kariba region of the Congo who Credo wrote about also once had access to such a crystal chamber. The Belgian colonial government in the Congo, despite knowing how sacred this place was, decided to build a dam over the very place that was held most sacred to not only the BaTonga and the Tonga- ila but also for perhaps all the Bantu people who came to these two guardian human tribes for guidance. When the resettlement squads arrived at the villages of these two tribes, these African people who had never been known to be violent against humans mysteriously took up arms and defended themselves, many to the death. They definitely did not want to leave. Of those who were resettled many of them died within a short time from common diseases that were easily cured. These people had allowed themselves to die because their sacred duty as guardians of the dimensional portals that link up with the Kariba grove, also once known as 'the navel of the Earth' was taken away from them. 

Credo writes in the chapter The Curse of Kariba (in Indaba , My Children) of the use of High Magic by a Great Chosen one of the African initiation order Credo belongs to, who comes from the BaTonga tribe. In Africa, High Laws and High Curses are a big deal because they call upon powers not only from the Earth sphere but sometimes also from other more powerful nature spirit spheres influence and bind the word of the law or the curse with these beings whose sole purpose is to mete out Doom (like the being Mandos of Tolkein 's silmarilion ). These are ancient nature spirits whose names are only known to these orders. Anyway Credo gives an elaborate account of what he witnessed at this ceremony. For an African people to act in this way shows that they were deeply hurt and forlorn.

This is why the Real People were hesitant to reveal their 'office' to Marlo, even after all of what they had experienced together. The Dagara also have such guardians who are said to 'go underground' and 'into caves' to do their secret work. Of course what they do is a big secret and Malidoma will not reveal it but we can guess at it from the depictions of other humans who play a similar role. The other African people who are so secretive about their rites and rituals and who are not well known in the modern worl can continue with their work in peace. 

I also found it intriguing what Marlo said about how the Real People defend themselves. They use the power of their minds to do phenomenal things. This is the same way the BaTonga and Tonga- ila initiates defended themselves when besieged by aggressive African kings or warriors, so Marlo is definitely speaking the truth. This is a quality we all have as humans and can possibly develop because it taps into our spiritual nature and power.

The Real People train in the art of disappearance in their crystal chamber. That makes sense, since they can access phenomenal amounts of energy there that can literally dematerialize the body. Also their DNA must be activated in the Ancient Earther way to allow them to act as guardians. Pretty cool that Marlo began to change in complexion and hair color after her grusome ordeals in the desert with these spiritual people. The one form of training that all human groups (native and non-native) have, as well as some ET human groups, is the spiritual training that involves mental/spiritual power used to interact with holographic reality. 

The Real People also seem to have some strong bird tribe connections in their totems and extensive use of feathers. Also Kin-of-Birds is one of the guys who does the ritual with Marlo. It's pretty cool how the brown falcon follows them around, it is another totem bird of theirs.

The colors red and blue are two colors used by indigenous peoples around the planet are a reminder of the Pleiadian (red) and Sirian and Centaurian (blue) guardian human groups that have affected this planet. There was an article last year about the siting of a previously uncontacted tribe in the Amazon. Although the one writing the article clearly points to the red painted humans (2 of them), the 'darker' one is actually painted in blue. These tribes have kept this color code perhaps since they were created. Perhaps the red and blue groups will be two different clans. In the documentary Baraka (the girl shown in the picture of the movie is a Kayapo ) we see that the Brazilian Amazon human group the Kayapo also have red and blue color codes, as well as the Africans and Australian Aboriginal people shown in the same documentary. 

In MMDU , Marlo describes how the Real People painted themselves red before going into the underground cave and also for their ritual purposes. She also goes into detail as to how they create their paint and how she left a mark on the wall of her palm. This is all remarkable, because it's all true. Finally in the last Indiana Jones movie, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, when Indy gets to the place where he must return the crystal skull he meets two differently painted indian and blue! This movie was shot way before the discovery of the uncontacted tribe in the Amazon. Also interesting is that the alien shown to occupy the temple of the crystal skull is a grey -type alien from Rigel, and a group that has very close links to the Enki group.

It's so cool that the Real People live their lives in the true meaning of The Law of One, which is really living life in accordance with the Laws of the Universe. The way they communicate with nature is something that particularly draws me because I know that all spiritually-oriented humans can do it. Imagine what could have happened at the crododile pool if a bunch of humans who do not respect nature's boundaries simply jumped into the pool! Dinner! Or, maybe lunch? 

The coolest part for me were the final words of the leader of the Real People, Regal Black Swan, "we shall meet again, without our cumbersone human bodies". We are Spirit Beings first, and then we are Spirit Beings having human experiences. 

Finally, I came across this section mentioned in passing in the Handbooks for a New Paradigm (vol 2 - Embracing the Rainbow) that mentions the galactic guardian beings of various kinds (including some human groups) as I' ve written about them in The Akan book which could be of interest:

(handbook for a new paradigm II, page 11): 

"...There are benevolent beings that are part of the plan of creation that entails responsibilities for overseeing the galactic maintenance and expansion process"

This sentence here is referring to the guardian beings that I mentioned in the Akan book. The entire segment interested me quite a bit because I learned some new things during this second reading that I missed the first time. 

Well, so Mutant Message Down Under has brought me new spiritual inspiration. Thanks.


March 2008 addition: The weeks after writing this email I learned that the Native Americans also have traditions of Crystal caves where all the tribes used to meet, and where the Rainbow Woman (read Guardian entities, emissaries of the Galactic Creative Forces) used to meet with the peoples of the tribes. That story is told in another article also published in this April 2009 release.