Obama and Disclosure of "the Visitors"
February 2011

Just about a year ago in February 2010 I posed the question, "What are you going to do about it, on the personal level, if the controllers finally decide that it's time for the lies to end and it is up to Barack Obama to introduce the head Sirian-Reptilian extraterrestrial to the people of Earth (as it happened in the 80's version of the Miniseries 'V' and as is being shown in the current 'V' show as of 2009)?". It seems the word going around is that US president Barack Obama may indeed going to make a statement about extraterrestrial disclosure.  Or will he really?

Recently I saw a Chinese clip on youtube (see [1] below) talking about Obama and ET disclosure. The way I see it, Obama's faction and support group may include the Chinese and the Russians. Why? Let's take one step back and look at extraterrestrial factions. The Chinese and the Russians will probably deal with factions from the Andromedan and Pleiadian extraterrestrial groups and perhaps some from the groups from the "Galactic Federation of Human worlds". In the larger agenda, this large human group which is trying to battle it out with elements of the Sirian-Reptilian-Rigelian-Insectoid groups and their hybrid subfactions may see themselves as one big human group and hence one (lightsider) faction united against the reptilians and their allies. Those who support both Obama and the Chinese premier may have allegiances to groups from extraterrestrial human worlds and so they may see themselves as one big group with the same ultimate agenda.

So, back to Obama. Will he really make this disclosure? I will not be surprised if he does not. It will not be the first time a major leader of Earth allegedly decided to (was ordered to) make disclosure and the event not taking place.

Earlier on this year, there was a curiously made BBC commercial about extraterrestrials showing an "out of body" extraterrestrial interacting with Barack Obama (see [2] below). Then there was a full 90 minute documentary on MSN, airing interviews of people who had been witnesses of UFO displays ([3]). Currently we have a major US TV channel, ABC, airing a very popular remake of the 1980's show 'V' where humans make first contact with a reptilian species disguised as humans who present themselves as benign benefactors when in actual fact this group of extraterrestrials only care for their interests. All of this is in the public view. One can say that the there has been a campaign for years to prepare the public for eventual extraterrestrial disclosure.

Yet most people are so mentally programmed that despite the overwhelming evidence already available, they will only believe that the extraterrestrial phenomenon is real only when their leaders tell them. If that is what they need, then rather than wait for Barack Obama to disclose alien visitation to Earth, if you want to hear a person of authority make disclosure then listen to Paul Hellyer (see [4] below), Former Secretary of Defence for Canada, spill the beans in no uncertain terms. This was an important disclosure video by an insider, and there have been many disclosures of this nature by several individuals over the years. You just won't find it being seriously debated on ABC, BBC or on CNN.

If planetary wide disclosure happens it will probably come with a whole lot of fanfare, the entire PR machine of powerful governments in powerful nations will be put to task to make some kind of story for the masses to believe. It will not just be something like, "Oh...yeah, other planets and star systems actually are inhabited, now go back to focusing on your day job and paying your taxes". No, you likely won't have that, but I would be happy to be proved otherwise.

I personally will be really wary of any major planetary-wide disclosure of ETs. Which group will make itself known? What is their agenda, their orientation? Will it be disclosure by all major players and parties in the Earth drama or for only one group or faction? These and other questions need to be thought about.

As for the extraterrestrial 'anthropologists', intelligence agents and others, they have been coming and going from human society for a long time, some even staying for long amounts of time. A Chinese scientist even claims to know that ETs live in specific parts of China (see [5]). It won't surprise me if there are a good number of ETs in the major world cities like New York City and London, not to mention Washington DC, the Vatican, Moscow etc.

Anyone with the ability to genuinely travel out of body (or some who can remote view) and who can leave the realm of influence of the Earth can journey to other star systems and observe other civilizations in these star systems. Humans have been doing this for a long time in our history, you don't need a space ship to go to Proxima Centauri or Epsilon Tauri or even to go to Canis Major or even to the great civilizations at Delta Orionis and elsewhere.

2012 is just around the corner and some do not know what to expect. Together with the Mayan calendar "cycle-ending" prediction, there are Chinese I-Ching predictions and scientific predictions of increased solar activity and the possible repercussions of having the solar system traverse the galactic plane, an event which happens once every 26,000 years. Regardless of what happens (more "Earth changes" than in 2010 and 2011, galactic super waves knocking us out, solar storms, natural or orchestrated planetary catastrophes, world war, extraterrestrial disclosure and mass evacuations or any other scenario) it may help to maintain the perspective that we are Spirit Beings having a human experience. For me, that is the bottom line.

[1] [Chinese National TV on Obama and UFO disclosure]

[2] [MSN Documentary "I know what I saw"]

[3] [Former Defense Secretary of Canada & member of "Queen's Privy Council" on alien disclosure] (* A "MUST SEE" VIDEO)

[4] [Chinese scientist says that Aliens live in Yunnan, Heilongjiang and Xinjiang]