On "Kepchu" and Atlantis
July 2011

Plato, recounting Solon's story in the Timaeus called the Atlanteans "Kepchu", which was a name that the Egyptians used to call the Atlanteans. Egypt was first a colony of Lemuria and then a colony of Atlantis, after the former declined in influence. Minoa was also a colony of Atlantis, Plato calls the Minoans "The Atheneans" (referring not to the Greeks but to an earlier Athenean influence backed by a Pleiadian ET group). So here we see Pleiadian (Atlantis, Egypt and Minoa) and Sirian (Egypt and Lemuria) influences.

In Robert Morning Sky's book The Star Elder's Story, Bek-Ti the Pleiadian ET says, "I am from the Chu stars" when referring to the star system where he is from. I think "Kepchu" has a reference to the Pleiades. Let us look at the name "Kepchu". If the "Chu" part is a reference to the Pleiades, what about the "Kep" part of the name?

Well it turns out that in Egyptian hieroglyphics, "Kep", "Kebh", "Kab" all stand for 'hand'. There are similar words (presumably based on the same root) in the Akkadian and Hebrew languages which mean the same thing (all three languages <Akkadian, Egyptian and Hebrew> have Sirian influences).

So could it be that Atlantis was in the past seen as "The Hand of Chu"...or "The hand of Pleiades"? Perhaps that is the real meaning of this name which has been used by the Ancient Egyptians to refer to Atlantis and the Atlanteans.