Robert Morning Sky and the Tchaama Documents


Robert Morning Sky (who now also goes by Robert Bear Claw) is back online with a new website featuring his current activities. It is a lively website different from the older one in the mid nineties when website creation was at a different (earlier) stage of development. Robert also has some new articles online as well as some of his works which can be bought in either paper form or electronically.


The Tchaama Documents

These documents form a central part of the original book1 of the world's oldest religion. The original book1 is over 400 pages long however the Tchaama documents are about 250 pages. This is the 'master key' I have used (together with LA Transcripts, The Star Warrior Papers and to a lesser extent, Book2 of the world's oldest religion) to understand the language of the Sirian-Reptilians and to 'follow the trail', so to speak, of Earth cultures such as some West African, Central and Southwestern Native American cultures whose languages and cultures reflect Sirian-Reptilian influences.

I would thus highly recommend that the interested reader get the Tchaama documents while they still kan (pun). Book1 of the world's oldest religion is divided into 3 parts. Parts 1 and 3 talk about freemasonry (Essenes, Merovingians, Hiram Abif, the book Holy Blood Holy Grail etc) but Part 2 presents the Tchaama documents. The entire Tchaama documents as was presented in book1 is what is now being sold on Robert's site for $15 (electronic copy). Robert went to amazing length and did great research to create these documents and in my opinion, this is the 'real cheese' of book1. If for no other reason, you'll get loads of references to Ancient Egyptian (from Budge) as well as to the Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets.

Certainly, I encourage all who are interested in Robert's work and who want to, to also help themselves with his other publications. It is possible that there could soon be many cool publications at the trading post section of Robert's website.


Robert's new website is: