Symbol of Sirian-Reptilian dark magicians
April 2010
This symbol is in one sense related to the caduceus in that it displays a central sphere with two serpents on each side, facing each other (see images below). In the early scenes of the movie "Conan the Barbarian" (when Conan's village was being destroyed), the viewer is shown again and again the symbol of a "Black Sun" (the sphere part) with two serpents on each end, facing each other. Yet the serpents are joined together by the sphere. One also sees this symbol on the chest of the "Evil Mum'ra" in the Thunder Cats cartoon. Mum'ra is an evil sorcerer who practices arcane dark arts. In some of the episodes, his menacing incantations are often pronounced in an Egyptian-sounding language.
The magicians of Atlantis who formed their snake brotherhoods took their knowledge to Mesopotamia and eventually to Egypt, as well as elsewhere on the globe.

(Symbol on chest of "Mum'Ra", a character in the anime series Thunder Cats)

Atlantean Black Sun
(Symbol of the Atlantean "Black Sun" from movie "Conan The Barbarian")

Stargate SG1 Atlantean symbol
(One of the symbols from the Sci-Fi series "Stargate SG-1". The actual
Atlantean symbol is the inverted version of the one shown. If you look
at the symbol above on the chest of "Mum'Ra" it appears that the real
Atlantean symbol is taken and the two ends are turned into serpents