APRIL 2009 New Articles


Australian Aboriginals, Dani (Papua) and San ("Bushmen")
Likely reason why Creole is spoken by Blacks
Decoding the name of the Yucatec-Mayan deity Kukulkan
Aztecs/Otomi were Warriors of Atlantis, Olmecs were 'Jaffa'
Real Reptilian Shapeshifting shown in movie Conan the Barbarian
Sirian-Reptilian influence and the Gurdjieff work
Horus as Apollo, the Pythagoreans, Hermes-Thoth and Apollonius
The Inca of South America
Why the Jews call themselves the Chosen People
Maori movie 'Once Were Warriors'
Differences in perspective between pre-modern and modern societies
Orion and Sirian influences in extreme Metal and extreme Hip-Hop music
Robert Morning Sky and the Tchaama Documents
The Nox of Stargate SG1
Mutant Message Down Under - Australian Aboriginals as Planetary Guardians
The colours red and blue used by Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous groups as Planetary Guardians -- The Crystal Caves
Standing Bear speaks about the Rainbow Prophecies & more
Conversations about the nature of the Galactic Game
The Advanced Spiritually-Oriented Individual in Modern Society