The Nox - Stargate SG 1 Season1 Episode 8

T he Nox are a race of humanoids that appear on the TV Scifi show Stargate SG 1. Their first appearance is in season 1, episode 8. This is quite a special episode, there is really none like it in the entire 10 seasons of Stargate SG 1. The Nox are a rather spiritual race that can travel between physical and etheric /energetic realities and who have advanced mental abilities such as the ability to work with thought/holographic reality at a significantly high level. They took an interest in humans who traveled to their planet, however the humans were unfortunately not spiritually advanced enough and therefore not interested enough in the Nox but rather more interested in finding out whether these spiritual beings had any technology to offer Earth humans.

I shall now go into some observations I made while watching this SG 1 episode. It is a good one to have. 

- Observations & spoilers -

The first meeting with SG 1 and the Nox occurred after Apophis blasted O'Neill, Carter and Jackson with a staff weapon. The Nox revive them and arrange a meeting. Because of the advanced mental and spiritual abilities of the Nox , they quickly understand spoken English and begin to communicate with SG 1. 

One may wonder why the Nox chose to reveal themselves to SG 1 rather than to the Gua ' uld . Perhaps they found something in the vibration of these humans that made them curious. The Author of M5G pointed out how even when certain human incarnations are in other parts of the galaxy they have a different vibration because of their other advanced incarnations on the human simultaneous incarnation path. This was the case with John Crichton when he found himself with some of Zhaan 's Delvian people in the Farscape episode 'Rhapsody in Blue'. 

So the curious Nox set up a simple meeting with SG 1, offering them food (fruits) in a simple village-like communal manner. The Nox in this episode are seen to live very close to nature in a small family unit. Their home is a simple thatched hut. The leader of their unit, presumably the 'father', shows his sense of humor as he tosses a fruit to each of the SG 1 members. 

This initial meeting was 'first contact' for the Nox . What a big chance SG 1 had to make some really cool friends who do not seem to be greatly polarized to either the lightside or to the darkside . For a very advanced Earth human, this would have been a real fun encounter. From the perspective of an advanced Earth human incarnation, SG 1 'blew-it', from the start they were not interested in this simple beautiful meeting set up by the Nox , they were only interested in finding their weapons in order to continue their fight with the Gua ' uld . Such a meeting with the Nox would have been a spiritual bonanza for a highly spiritually advanced human incarnation.

It's a bit sad that humans like SG 1-types are the ones currently being used by the secret government to explore other worlds. They have little or no spiritual maturity. It did not take long for the Nox to perceive that SG 1 were not interested in them or in their ways, however they kept giving SG 1 more chances. Daniel Jackson whose character is perhaps the most advanced of the SG 1 team is seen trying to communicate with the Nox elder. The elder offers him some tree sap to taste and Daniel says "Oh no, I gave up that some time ago". Man! That was the way the elder was trying to teach him some of their knowledge. What a wasted opportunity! Jackson then asks the Nox Elder, "Is that where you get your medicine from? From the forest?" and the elder responds "we get life from the forest, from everything!", but Jackson did not notice the answer to the question so he keeps asking the elder, "but you must have medicine...or you must have some knowledge that we don't have. I really wish that we could learn a lot from you. I really wish that we could be friends with the Nox". Obviously Jackson is thinking along a certain scientific line as to what medicine should be. And he already missed his chance to learn, right there, only a few moments before. The elder at this point was still trying to relate the ways of the Nox to SG 1 but even Jackson was just more interested in talking about technology. He is told that "knowledge takes time". If the Nox had met some much more advanced incarnations of Jackson's Higher Self, the meeting could have benefited both human and Nox . 

At the very end when SG 1 realize that they' ve just missed out on a great opportunity, it is too late.The episode was structured to show that the Gua ' uld who had previously visited the planet without knowing that the Nox were there now were in a position to find out since one of the Jaffa personal guard of Apophis was captured. SG 1 could however still have made friends with the Nox even if they had decided to bury the stargate . The Nox practice the law of allowance, they allow SG 1 and the Gua ' uld to continue to be the way they are [go away and take your ways with you] but that also means that SG 1 don't get access to the Nox and have left a negative impression as representatives of humanity.

This episode of SG 1 is unique in all the 10 seasons that the program ran. Although other spiritually powerful beings were later shown in SG 1 such as the 'Ancients', the Ori and their Priors, the Nox are perhaps the most spiritual of all the beings shown in SG 1 in terms of their attitude and their abilities and their similarity with spiritually advanced Earth incarnations. Their ability to materialize and dematerialize their bodies is an ability the Ancient Earth humans had and is still a rare occurrence today among certain humans with spiritual abilities. For the spiritually oriented, The Nox is one SG 1 episode to have or at least watch.