[December 2008 Articles]

 Chinese Folk Story about the Ancient Earth human
 As above So below: Earth and Galactic humans
 A parallel story of creation among the Akan, the Hopi and Maori
 Akan knowledge of the stars in the Pleiades and elsewhere
 Akan and Native American groups and the Sumerian (Sirian) language
 The Sumerian City Eridu and the Akan root word -du
 The Akan Asona and the Native American Crow
 Native American Crow Prayer to Abcadadea
 Comments on Yellow Tail's words about Crow Prayer
 Planetary healing ceremonies performed by various human groups
 Bird and Feline Totems of certain Earth human groups
 The Thunder Cats and the feline beings (the Jha) of Sirius

[April 2009 Articles]
Australian Aboriginals, Dani (Papua) and San ("Bushmen")
Likely reason why Creole is spoken by Blacks
Decoding the name of the Yucatec-Mayan deity Kukulkan
Aztecs/Otomi were Warriors of Atlantis, Olmecs were 'Jaffa'
Real Reptilian Shapeshifting shown in movie Conan the Barbarian (new images! 02/2010)
Sirian-Reptilian influence and the Gurdjieff work
Horus as Apollo, the Pythagoreans, Hermes-Thoth and Apollonius
The Inca of South America
Why the Jews call themselves the Chosen People
Maori movie 'Once Were Warriors'
Differences in perspective between pre-modern and modern societies
Orion and Sirian influences in extreme Metal and extreme Hip-Hop music
Robert Morning Sky and the Tchaama Documents
The Nox of Stargate SG1
Mutant Message Down Under - Australian Aboriginals as Planetary Guardians
The colours red and blue used by Indigenous Peoples
Indigenous groups as Planetary Guardians -- The Crystal Caves
Standing Bear speaks about the Rainbow Prophecies & more
Conversations about the nature of the Galactic Game
The Advanced Spiritually-Oriented Individual in Modern Society

[February 2010 Articles ]

Akan fertility doll and the Egyptian Ankh
Akan linguist staff and Ptah's djed 
Akan male chieftains and the pyramid breastplate
Akan Spirituality - An Interesting Note on its Nature
Mathematics embedded in Akan Weaving Patterns
Avian-reptilian symbolism in Akan and African art
Neith-Isis-Ninharsag: More on the rebel reptilian group
Characteristics of type1, type2 and Dolphin-Reptilian cultures 
Differences between Higher Self and Nature Spirit paths
National Geographic feature article: "Necro-science" propaganda
Filipino writes about the Philippines, Lemuria, ETs & more
Japanese Ainu and Akan-Kotan
Lost Children of Babylon - The Equidivium Album
Kunlun, Blacks, China and Lemuria
Kunlun-China-Mesopotamia-Sirius relation by a Chinese man
Maasai, Caananites, Dogon, Wolof, Bambara, and Akan
Mohenjo-daro and Harrapan Indus Valley cultures and Mesopotamia
'Oscar' writes about Egypt, Mexico, Peru and Bolivia
Pyramids in China and in Korea
22,000 year old "Sumerian" culture in Ukraine 

[April 2010 Articles ]

A Mathematical Analysis of Akan Adinkra symmetry                               
Adinkra Symbols as Kabbalistic Alphabets                                              
Akan-Asona Avian-Feline associations and the Asona Red Snake                         
Akan symbols derived from brass and gold weights                                  
Akan traditional hairstyle and Egyptian similaritles                               
Anaal-Nath-Rakh! - Merlin's Reptilian incantation                                     
Avian-Reptilian Symbol - The Medical Caduceus & the Ptah-Thoth group  
Emblem of the English Rebel Reptilian faction in London                           
Europe and the Lyran-Reptilian-Sirian connection                                                                 
Ewe migration from Lemuria, through Asia & Middle East to Ghana      
Imhotep and the Step Pyramid of Saqqara                                                   
Symbol of Sirian-Reptilian dark magicians                                                  

[February 2011 Articles ]

A note on Ayahuasca and Eboka (Iboga)
Akan Gye Nyame Symbol and the Egyptian Djed
Akan spirituality and Siberian Shamanism
Book Review: Movement of the Akan from Kanaan to Ghana
Darksiders and Lightside on Earth & the Orion Reptilians
Egyptian Yoga and the Glorious Light Meditation
Harry Potter and House Griffindor
Mande Sirian-Reptilian totems

Obama and Disclosure of "The Visitors"
On the Akkadians, the Assyrians and the Sumerians
Sirian traditions in Samarkand (Uzbekistan)
The Sirians of the Sirius Star System

[August 2011 Articles ]

Adapa, Tak Adama and other revelations
Akan "Bayi" and Jamaican "Obeah"
Akan, Crow and Minangkabau matrilineal systems            
ƐfƐw and Ancient Egyptian nefer                 
Akan "Wura" and the Egyptian Deity RA                
Brief review of documentary "Ancestral Voices"
EA-Enki crop circle appears
Final words on the final Harry Potter movie            
Giving your power away to Sanat Kumara, Part 1            
Giving your power away to Sanat Kumara, Part 2  
Manifesting intent using Adinkra symbols
Nibiru on Iraqi and Swiss banknotes
Okomfo Anokye, the greatest ever Akan shaman
On Labadi, Lakpa and Babylon
On "Kepchu" and Atlantis                   
The Akan wars and the Sirian warrior model
The Islamic Qur'an mentions Sirius!               
The root word 'Sa'/'Saa' in Akan, Egyptian and Persian
The Visconti reptilian emblem revisited                
V 2009 is cancelled!