The Sirians of the Sirius Star System

February 2011

The extraterrestrials who were known on Earth as 'The Annunaki' and whose scientist among other acts were at one time  responsible for genetically engineering humans on this planet have their original home in the Sirius star system. On Earth, the beings from Sirius influenced cultures primarily in Lemuria, Egypt and Mesopotamia, as well as partially influencing other cultures in the rest of Afrika and the middle and near East, central and southern America and in Asia. The names of many gods and goddesses from ancient cultures are actual references to extraterrestrials. For Africans and specifically for the Akan people (as well as specifically for the Maasai and perhaps others I am not currently aware of), the extraterrestrial who once lived on this planet by the name ENKI/Ea is of particular importance. This is covered in The Akan Book (chapter 6) as well as in some articles.

There are however other beings connected to the Sirius system, as indeed there are other beings connected to Earth which not all may know about. Accounts have it that Sirius A is home of ancient and advanced beings who have a feline archetype in their physical-energetic structure. These beings are real, you can visit their world through soul travel. These feline-looking beings are like the 'first ones' in the science fiction universe Babylon 5. They are very old beings who have assisted in the development of other races within the galaxy. Like the 'first ones' in Babylon 5, these feline beings (and their avian counterparts) are said to exist not only in a physical state but (at least some) also have the ability to transmute into pure energy forms. When I think of the felines, what comes to mind is the being called 'Lorien' in Babylon 5 and his race (if you are interested in learning about seeing a depiction of the galactic game you might want to consider seeing Babylon 5. It still looks good, even though it was made in the 90's)

The Sirius B system is home of 'The Sirians', who are presumably more populous and are the main group we will refer to when thinking about the beings of the Sirius star system. Here we have a number of different strains of human-looking extraterrestrials, some of which are very 'indigenous' and others which have admixtures of races from other parts of the galaxy. Not quite like Earth in diversity but in a sense like Earth -- there is a division between 'indigenous' and 'civilized', although in the Sirius B star system both groups have embraced technology to a high level. Galactic wars and migration of groups led to the colonization of new systems and mixing of sufficiently similar human-looking groups. A similar process occurred in the Pleiadian Star system as well as in some other places like Procyon, the Hyades and elsewhere. Indigenous groups that evolved on those planets sometimes came into contact with refugees and others who migrated.

To the beings on Sirius B, those on Sirius A will be considered as their 'old ones' and all indications are that the beings on Sirius A had a hand in engineering and guiding those of Sirius B during the nascent stages of this group.

Sirius C is said to be a 'factory and mining' system which is used as a resource by other beings in the Sirius star system.


Egypt & Sirius are intimately connected; Sirius A and Sirius B systems
(Photo credit: Internet)