Characteristics of type1, type2 and Lyran-Reptilian Earth cultures
February 2010

Among the articles released in April 2009, there are a number which explain what I mean by type1 and type2 cultures (Australian Aboriginals, Dani and San; Conversations about the nature of the Galactic Game). In this article, I intend to provide some further explanations as to why I use this classification system for Earth cultures.

Darkside and Lightside Polarities set up
When this galaxy's incarnational game was set up by the Supreme Creative Forces, nature spirit hierarchies were used to create the fabric of 'material' existence. The word 'material' is being used loosely here to represent not only the gross physical realm of existence but also what can be called 'finer' levels of existence, those of a higher vibration. These nature spirit hierarchies, with the help and supervision of the emissaries of the Supreme Creative Forces (see The Akan book section 6.1) were involved with growing the organic physical bodies through which souls will incarnate in order to experience 'material' existence.

Two polarities were set up at the beginning of the galactic incarnational game: the lightside polarity and the darkside polarity. For these two camps, a (lightside polarity) humanoid race based on dolphin energies evolved in the Lyran constellation while a (darkside polarity) humanoid race based on reptilian energies evolved in the Draco constellation. The souls that incarnated into these two camps started it all (see Milky Way Galaxy Game Outline).

These were however not the only archetypical groups that evolved in the galactic incarnational game. Once the darkside reptilian-humanoids and lightside dolphin-humanoids were sufficiently evolved to assume their respective polarity positions, they found that there were other humanoid groups in this galaxy who either of their polarity, of the opposite polarity or without an orientation toward one or other of the two main polarities.

Emerging type1 and type2 cultures
The emissaries of the Supreme Creative Forces of this galaxy created humanoids whose purpose was to factor in a third option -- the potential for reaching a balance between the two polarities. These humanoids started off on their own but were then influenced by both light and dark factions. The ancestors of present day Earth humans were of this kind. These type1 cultures, when they came into contact with either the Lyran-dolphin lightsider extraterrestrials or the Draco-reptilian darksider extraterrestrials became influenced to become a type2 culture. There is also a possibility that the type1 culture could change over a long period of time without interference to become a type2 culture.

Ancient and contemporary Earth humans
The first humans brought to this planet started off as a type1 culture. They were the ideal state, yet they had full potentiality. Accessing this full potentiality depended on which Spirit/soul inhabited those physical bodies. Then along came the Orion reptilians to Earth (and later on their Sirian buddies) who interfered with this ideal type1 culture to create a type2 culture (the Lemuria of very long time ago, about 900,000 years ago). The humans who lived on Earth after the original ancient prototype can rightly be called 'elves', like the ones shown in Lord of the Rings. They were not all androgynous like those of the ancient prototype, yet they were practically immortal. So on this world, the 'elvish' culture was started after the reptilians came here to interfere with the natural order set up by the emissaries of the Supreme Creative Forces. They split the original androgynous human into male and female.

After that long ago reptilian interference, other extraterrestrial humans from dolphin-humanoid star systems (particularly the Pleiades) also came here to set up a counter polarity. They formed a type2 culture, the Atlantis of the long ago time, which was populated by type2 Earth humans and ETs.

There was then a period of major wars in this solar system and the emergence of a new incarnational game, the current one we have today (see The Akan, section 7.4). This new era started off where the type2 Atlantis and type2 Lemurian cultures had left off. As the new incarnational game became established, these two type2 cultures spiraled out, leaving today's unique time period, with its European-dominant world culture.

All races and cultures on the planet were created out of the original 12-strand DNA imprint of the ancient prototype, however some cultures have significant DNA influences from a number of ET and other sources. Those of African descent have Sirian and Homo Erectus influences (The Akan, section 7.4). Some other indigenous/native type1 humans have more of the Pleiadian, or Sirian etc.

The type2 cultures that have appeared on this planet during this new incarnational game (Arabia-Mesopotamia-Turkey, China, Egypt, Greece-Celtic, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Philipines, etc) reflect type2 cultures from elsewhere in the galaxy and also from our own planet. Mexico for instance is a reflection of type2 Atlantis while the Philipines is reflections of type2 Lemuria. China and Japan have Andromedan and Rigelian reflections while India has Centaurian and Pleiadian reflections. Greece has Pleiadian-Sirian reflections. Egypt in its hey day was a reflection of Sirian type2 culture from the Sirius star system.

People of European descent (as a whole) have a strong Lyran-dolphin-humanoid heritage, however Europeans are a very eclectic group. There is everything from the strongly Germanic groups (significant Lyran-dolphin-humanoid heritage) to groups close to Asia and Africa that have mixed with more type1 and type2 oriented human groups.  Indigenous groups such as Native Indians, Native Asians, Native Africans, Native (Malayo)-Polynesians are all (at least originally) very eclectic, and so are those who belong to type2 Earth cultures (examples given in above paragraph). This is all part of the current Earth incarnational design.

All races on this planet have had some reptilian DNA admixtures. While this is the case, it is not necessarily the case that each ethnic group within a race or each individual will have similar or comparable levels of reptilian DNA. There are also different kinds of reptilian DNA influences (from various reptilian groups). All of these combinations are known to the Higher Self that chooses to incarnate in a particular Earth human physical body.