The New 'V' series on ABC has been cancelled!
June 2011

In my opinion, one of the best "science fiction" series worth watching on contemporary television has been cancelled by ABC. I just learned today (June 20, 2011) that ABC has cancelled the new 'V' series. This series was so hot, there is NO WAY on Shutee's Earth that it was cancelled because of lack of interest or because of poor ratings. The final episode of the show had the highest ratings of any single episode in the series! (...according to IMDB). In the US, the show had millions of viewers per episode. On the UK Syfy network, this show remained the most viewed show for both seasons, among all the shows being aired by the channel. So why then cancel it? Because of poor ratings? No!

On the contrary, I suspect that those full breed reptilian overlords with their hybrid and human lackeys were beginning to get uncomfortable so they chose to axe the show. Season 2 had begun on a high note and it ended on an even higher note. The season started with one of the central characters from the old 'V' show and ended with another central character from the same old show.

So I suspect it's down to the fact that the reptilians are afraid of what the show might show to Earth's population of "amnesic humans" that might turn out to be too much and might cause them to come to terms with that which some prefer remains hidden ("that's enough, go back to sleep", I imagine they would like to say).

With what is possible to show using today's technology, the new 'V' was showing a lot of real reptilian culture that I enjoyed watching. We were shown male subservience and female dominance especially among the V's but also among the Earth resistance group led by agent Evans (human female reptilian dna in action). We were shown reptilian experimentation on humans and reptilian mind control techniques and a lot of their advanced technologies. We were shown reptilian shapeshifting on several occasions and we were also shown reptilian physical body strengh (displayed primarily by the reptilian 'trackers'), which is superior to the strengh of the average human. Unless you're practicing some kind of Jedi and/or Sith arts together with real serious martial arts, if you inhabit a human body, don't go pick a fight with a real full blooded reptilian. You'll surely get your ass kicked and perhaps eaten as well!

What might also shock Earth humans is seeing dominant female reptilians killing their mates after copulation. It was shown at least twice in the show, once with a 'V' and on the second occasion...(spoiler!). This is also true among the reptilian royals, as in, it does happen on the governing planets of the central stars of Orion's belt. (Here is a little secret: any male reptilian that copulates with a reptilian queen that can't make her feel dominated may be you can imagine how many end up that way, if not all of them).

The new 'V' also showed on several occasions how reptilians have infiltrated Earth societies and work as 'agents of the queen' in all areas of life, from health to religion (clergy) to law enforcement to politicians in leadership positions on Earth.

Most importantly, we are also shown the struggles that occur between the reptilian queen and her daughter. I will bet you a whole lot of money that what led to the demise of the new 'V' show is showing too much information that is true about the reptilians. For instance, showing the overthrow of a reptilian queen by one of her daughters must trigger painful and resentful feelings in the otherwise unemotional reptilians, as this is sometimes a reason why factions and subfactions are created among their kind. Old wounds may have been opened. Showing the overthrow and murder of one queen was enough. I suspect the show was ultimately going in the direction of the overthrow of Anna by Lisa. The reptilians wouldn't like this shown on TV.

So to say that I'm disappointed that the show has been cancelled will be accurate. I was enjoying this entertainment! To say that I am surprised however, will be inaccurate. Once you start hitting too close to home (Alnitak-Alnalim-Mintaka), the reptilians will act to take away that information. A similar thing happened to Farscape where the show was quite a success, only to be cancelled after the spotlight fell squarely on the Scarrans (the reptilians), showing real reptilian spacecraft, clothing and so on, in the fourth season of that show. Right after that the show was cancelled and many fans were understandably disappointed.

I'd much prefer that another network take up the new 'V' in order to bring the show to a proper conclusion since it seems ABC has chicked out for likely not-so-mysterious reasons. I'd be pleasantly surprised if such a thing happened. Apparently the fans of the show started a project entitled "Project Alice" (I suppose we do live in 'wonderland' after all, don't we?) to petition Warner Bros to have the show on a different network. If this succeeds, it will be great. In the absence of this however, I could settle for a mini-series kind of ending such as was done with Farscape to bring the show to a proper finish.


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V snake ship
Serpent (Cobra-looking) V ship over NYC
(Photo credit: Internet)