A Mathematical Analysis of Akan Adinkra Symmetry
April 2010

Finally this paper is done! I was hoping to publish it online along with the articles that were released in February 2010 but due to a number of constraints I was unable to do so. This paper not only looks at the mathematics of Adinkra symbol symmetries, it also looks at possible metaphysical properties these symbols have. From the mathematical point of view, what emerged from the investigation of Adinkra symmetries is that although there is a wide range of configurations, a particular configuration is very common among Adinkra symbols. From the metaphysical point of view, what emerged from examining Adinkra symbols using one form of divination is that these symbols seem to have different vibrational properties.

Well, the rest of the story is in the paper! Below is the table of contents but unless you take a look at the paper, you may not know just how of the actual material cannot be discerned from looking at the table of contents.



Basic Group Theory and the Dihedral Group                            

 -Brief Sketch of Group Theory                                                      
 -The Dihedral Group                                                                       

The Dihedral group and Adinkra symbol symmetries              

- The Method                                                                                      
- Explanation of Results                                                                  

Where Mathematics meets Metaphysics                                    



Appendix A: Examples of Adinkra Symbol Symmetries         

Appendix B: Examples of Adinkra Symbols                              
Appendix C: Adinkra Symmetry Details                                    

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